The Growth In Demand For Quality Sanitary Ware

With the evolution of technology, everything has become more compact and user-friendly. Even people’s tastes and preferences have changed.

If we talk about sanitary wares, there has been a significant growth in demand for the products designed with cutting-edge technology. The sanitary ware market in India has experienced the growth in demand for sleek and compact designs. This trend is particularly evident in demand for quality wash basins, bathtubs, jacuzzis, bidets, water cisterns, and pedestals.

What Causes This Growth In Demand?

The growth in demand for high quality sanitary wares for bathrooms can be traced to various factors. These include:

The Proactive Approach To Production

With the increase in demand, various companies have been challenged to come up with designs that match or blend with the thematic concept of the entire house.

In recent times, manufacturers have been able to come up with products that offer highly efficient fittings and accessories. They also offer products that are easily installed, durable, and made with high quality materials.

The Growth In The Real Estate Sector

New cities are springing up all over the world. Massive housing schemes are also being implemented to cater the housing needs of people.

The increasing growth in the hospitality industry has also led to a growth in the demand for high quality sanitary wares. The new hotels and resorts usually high quality bathrooms that provide optimum comfort to their customers.

Affordable And Readily Available Products

Competition among various companies has made it possible for these products to be readily available and at relatively affordable prices. There are steady listings across various company sites and online affiliate stores from which users can make their choices.


It is important to note that any industry that can come up with products designed with technological superiority and innovation will always experience growth. When this is coupled with good sale services, the growth is even more profound.

How To Choose Wash Basins For Luxury Bathrooms To Get That Exciting Feeling

Bathrooms are essentially one of the most relaxing parts of the home. They provide a much-needed avenue to relax and indulge in a refreshing bath. In this journey, wash basins are one of the most used and easily ignored elements in a bathroom.

No bathroom can be complete without a functional, durable, and aesthetic wash basin. It complements the design and thematic concept of the other bathroom accessories and fittings so as to make the bathroom a place that one looks forward to.

However, it is trite to think that choosing the right type of wash basins demands experience and expertise. In reality, it’s quite an easy task, as long as you remember the basics. Here are some of the different types of wash basins that you can choose:


The Counter Top

Choosing the best countertop wash basin will demand that you choose one that offers durability along with aesthetics.

Countertop basins are also called self-rimming basins or drop-ins. They fit into many types of countertops. Typically, homeowners choose them because they are self-rimming and are easy to install. Countertops are also a common choice for luxury bathrooms. They are thus the best choice when choosing wash basins for luxury bathrooms in hotels, spas or resorts.

The Pedestal

The pedestal is the stand of the wash basin. Wash basins with pedestals can come as a single unit or as a unit with detachable basin and pedestal. Home owners that prefer having a designer basin, may go for the type with the sink and pedestal as a single unit. This type is offers beautiful, modern themes and concepts.

Pedestal wash basins are usually the most preferred choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms where there is a space constraint. Due to their usual sleekness, they can create an illusion of a larger space and thus enhance user appeal.

The Wall Mount

Wall Mount wash basins usually have a basin mounted on the bathroom wall with the help of screws. The position and height of the mount depend on the preference of the user. When choosing wall-mount basins, it is important to go for options that are not too heavy as having a heavy basin held by mere screws for a very long time may not be advisable.

Some homeowners however choose them because they are relatively cheaper than the pedestal types. They come in different designs and thematic concepts.

The Undercounter

These types of wash basins will be the most preferred choice for some homeowners who want modern and easy to clean wash basins. The ease of cleaning is made possible by the fact that they don’t have rims that will store debris. 

The Above-Counter

Home owners who want a highly innovative and modern bathroom will definitely find the above-counter wash basin to be the right choice. The basin rises above the console of the cabinet or counter and thus creates a focal point that looks interesting. They are most commonly used in urban cities. The trick here is however to note that the height of the countertop should be as low as possible so that the basin can be accessed easily.


Choosing the right kind of wash basin starts by understanding the needs and requirements of the user. With a clear goal, you can easily choose the right wash basin that not only works perfectly, but also amps up your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal.


How To Choose The Right Bathroom Accessories

The right bathroom accessories can easily add to the charm and excitement of a bathroom. These accessories include everything from the functional soap dish to exuberant bath tubs or Jacuzzis.

Knowing how to choose the right bathroom accessories may not really be an arduous task, but it is one that requires a certain level of skill and expertise so as to create a flow that satisfies the particular needs and lifestyle preferences of the user.


Helpful Tips

Below are point that Homeowners and bathroom decorators should keep in mind while suggesting or choosing bathroom accessories:


Budget is inarguably the most important determining factor in bathroom accessories. The funds set aside for the bathroom determines the types and quality of the accessories. Most highly-priced accessories are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and functional. On the other hand, lower-priced accessories are cost-effective along with offering one or two key benefits that might be more important for the user than others.

The Layout Of The Bathroom

The bathroom layout describes its spaciousness or otherwise. The right set of accessories and how they are arranged can complement a bathroom while negating the problems the layout might present. For example, adding mirrors in a small bathroom can create an illusion of space and size. Similarly, using wall hung wash basins can increase space availability. Additionally, shower cubicles can also create more space length-wise than bath tubs or Jacuzzis.

The Overall Theme Of The Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are usually designed following a particular theme. The themes may vary from modern 3D concepts to vintage concepts.

While modern concepts emphasize on color and seamlessness, traditional concepts, emphasise on conservatism and are intentionally created to inspire a feeling of nostalgia. A prime example of traditional concepts are Oriental themes. They are usually designed for therapeutic effects and are most suitable for steam bath, massages and even transcendental meditation.

Bath Accessories such as faucets and showerheads can also come in designs that can create an illusion of rain or can come with nozzles that allow the water to caress and relax the body on impact.


The preference of the user as per functionality is another factor that is worth considering. Some users may be fine with bathroom accessories that are simple and straightforward. Others may prefer those which are highly sophisticated and exotic. A recent example of exotic bathrooms include bath tubs and Jacuzzis fitted with wireless and Bluetooth-enabled communication devices, such as iPods and television sets. While choosing functionality, it is important that the preferences of the user be kept in mind beforehand as bathrooms are meant to stay put for an appreciably long time.

Bathroom Floor And Wall Finishing

Easily ignored and forgotten floor and wall fittings are quintessential bathroom accessories. They, as a rule, must be made of materials that don’t have smooth and slippery surfaces so as to avoid bathroom accidents. They must also blend in with the entire thematic concept of the bathroom in terms of color and material.

Frequency Of Use

Considerations for personal bathrooms may not be the same as for those in public places, such as hotels or public restrooms. The most important thing to remember is that personal bathrooms should focus on aesthetics and functionality while public bathrooms should be built with durability and user-friendliness in mind.

Age Bracket of Users

Age is an important consideration many tend to forget while choosing bathroom accessories. Eg – children will need easy-to-use accessories that are also safe while adults will most likely emphasize sophistication and functionality. 


The bottom line in choosing bathroom accessories is that a good choice will stand the test of time while the wrong choice may demand changing after just a little time.

How To Make Sanitary Ware For Kids Fun And Safe

Designing your kid’s bathroom is not child’s play. Choosing the right sanitary ware for kids is an expert’s job as kids have special needs. In fact, if a bathroom is not designed correctly, it can cause accidents and problems for your kid.


Important Factors To Kept In Mind

Expert bathroom decorators take the following factors into consideration when coming up with bathroom ideas for kids.

Jacuzzis And Bath tubs

Kids can be vulnerable to serious accidents in Jacuzzis and bath tubs. Some may even find it difficult to use them considering their height. It is often advisable to use walk-in units such as shower cubicles.

Electrical Points And Connections

It is important that all electrical points and connections are done with conduit systems. Exposed wiring may cause electric shocks.

Bathroom Doors And Locks

Special knowledge is needed in choosing doors and locks. The doors should not be very solid and they should be fitted with two-way locks that can also be opened from the outside.

Wash Basins, Soap Dishes, And Other Accessories

Wash basins , Urinals and toilet water closet in kid’s bathrooms should be as low in height as possible for easy access and usage. Soap dishes should also be easy to reach.

So, what does this mean?

A child’s bathroom shouldn’t just be colourful and lively but also keep in mind the safety of your child.