Hindware Water Closets Collection

As experts, we understand how difficult it is to choose a perfect Water Closets for your dream bathroom. Both wall-mounted and floor-mounted toilets offer their own benefits that need to be considered before choosing between the two. Our experts have outlined the features of both, to help you decide.

To give a rich and modern look to your bathroom, opt for the elegant and stylish wall-mounted Water Closets. The water outlet and connection of a wall-mounted closet remains concealed, creating a more compact look. In a small bathroom, a wall-mounted Water Closet will occupy less space, making your bathroom appear larger.

Standard floor-mounted WCs are affordable and easy to install. Given their large demand, floor-mounted Water Closets are available in a number of designs, colours and styles to choose from. Since most of the components of a floor-mounted closet is visible and accessible, replacing damaged part becomes hassle free.

Now that you know the benefits of both the types, you can choose from a variety of Water Closets offered by Hindware.

Hindware Kylis Faucet

Whether thinking about remodeling your bathroom or shopping finishes for your new bathroom, Faucets are a big deal. Your bath faucet helps define your bathroom’s style and accessorize your space. Keeping your needs in mind, our Hindware experts have designed the Kylis range of faucets. With elegant design and perfect finish, this range is guaranteed to enhance the look of your dream bathroom, leaving a lasting impression.

The Kylis faucets range is not only splendid to look at, but also built to last long. With a clever use of 3C technology, it frees you of the hassle of valve replacement and reduces risk of leakage. The sturdy exterior of Kylis range is also given a smooth chrome finish that resists corrosion. The perfect blend of anti-splash technology with smooth water flow makes it a good choice for the modern homemaker who is looking for something beautiful yet functional.

The combination of stunning looks and world-class technology makes Kylis range a perfect fit for your dream bathroom.