Sensor Faucets to maintain Hygiene at your Home

Bathrooms are the rooms of the house that demands the most hygiene and time-to-time sanitization to keep them germ-free. Studies show that faucets or taps are the most contaminated and germ-affected bathroom areas second to the toilet bowl. It is because they are used numerous times by several people in a day at home and even in public bathrooms. Here is when the need for contactless technology in the bathrooms has arouse. It is paramount to maintain hygiene in the bathrooms during a pandemic. Since the spread of the pandemic, the demand for contactless technology in the bathrooms has risen by manifolds. The use of sensor faucets in the bathrooms is gaining importance as it decreases the time and effort of cleaning, and it is more hygienic and water-saving.

Though these are not the only reasons why people turn to sensor faucets and buy bathroom faucets online, they have advantages much more than these:

Hygiene and sanitation
Traditional taps need to be touched every time you need to turn on the water. This is usually done after using the washroom when your hands are the dirtiest. This definitely renders the taps full of germs and bacteria. These germs stay on the tap surface and transfers to the hands of consecutive user. This chain of infection goes on that can be stopped only when we make sure that the facets are not touched.

Sensor faucets automate the flow of water and helps in maintaining hygiene and proper sanitization. They avoid cross-contamination of germs which is a priority towards well-being in recent times.

Traditional faucets are prone to wear and tear as they are touched numerous times by different people. They are often man-handled especially in public bathrooms. They are often turned off with wet hands that ensures corrosion and damage. Also, the maintenance of traditional faucets that ensures their smooth running is quite high.

Sensor faucets do not need to be touched. As a result, there is no corrosion, man-handling or risk of damage in any way. The cost of maintenance is brought down considerably.

Often in public bathrooms, and even at homes, people tend to keep the tap on and water flowing while washing their face or brushing their teeth. This leads to the sheer wastage of water costing to environment.

Sensor faucets save water by controlling the flow of water. They start the water flow only after sensing your hand beneath the tap and also stops the water flow within few seconds as programmed. This results in cutting down water wastage by 70%.

Regulates the water-flow
We are often accustomed to open the top on full swing, although the heavy flow of water is not at all required by us. Studies show that a fully opened tap releases 5 liters of water in a minute. In any case, such huge amount of water is neither required for washing hands nor for any other use.

Sensor faucets regulate the flow of water by pre-setting the flow rate to avoid water wastage, excessive splashing and wet bathrooms.