Hindware Bathroom Visualizer – Design your dream bathspace in 3D

Homes wouldn’t be complete without bathrooms. It is the area of your abode where you de-stress after a long day at work or visit in the morning to kick-start your day. However, when it comes to bathroom decor, many homeowners find it daunting to choose suitable interiors that reflect their exquisite taste and preferences.

From choosing quality fixtures and accessories to exotic themes among plenty of appealing choices, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. We are often perplexed by the thought of what our bath space will look like after the final touch. Whether or not the accessories that we choose will go with the overall ambience of the space, not to mention, this makes the purchasing decision more complicated. 

Well, what if we tell you, that you can envision the look of your comfort station with a realistic visualization? Hindware has launched Bathroom Visualizer Functionality which allows its customers to become more decisive about what they want and don’t want in their bathrooms. It helps the user to mix and match different products, designs, and layouts to suit their preferences. 

Here’s how this tool is a game-changer for homeowners who are on a hunt to enhance the aesthetics of their bath spaces:

  • Experimenting with different options

When you decide to upgrade your bath space, you need to keep tabs on showers, water closets, washbasins, mirrors, closet walls, and whatnot. With this tool, you can explore different products and customise the design in 3D as per your needs to get a picture of how it will look in a realistic interior space. You can experiment with various colour themes, different designs of fixtures, and multiple flooring options.

  • Saving time and money

Imagine you get the remodelling work started, but your fixtures and accessories don’t give you the look of your dream bath space and fail to meet up to your expectations. Making changes to the executed design now is both costly and time-consuming. This is where visualizing your bathroom using 3D technology comes in handy. The Hindware bathroom visualizer provides you with the opportunity to see how the different elements of the design will look together. With this, you can easily compare whether the design matches your expectations.

  • Making informed decisions

Visualization before installation helps you stay on track towards creating a functional yet pleasing private space. You might have a clear picture in mind of how you want your bathroom to look, but implementing this design practically with the right accessories is not as easy as it sounds. Deciding which colour theme will complement which style of fixture is challenging. Therefore, you can try and experiment with elements as you want to get the expected glimpse of design.

  • Easy-to-use

Most of all, using this feature is super convenient. You can scroll through product categories and customise the design to your liking with a click. It allows you to make variations with shower designs, faucets, washbasins, water closet walls, and much more. 

The choice of bathroom design depends on the person’s choices and opinions. For some, a minimalist design would be a go-to option, whereas others might want to create a spa-like ambience to spend leisure time. Hindware helps you actualize your ideal bath space with luxury bathroom products to make it look extraordinary, along with a tool to virtually experiment with diverse design themes. Try our bathroom visualizer to experience a realistic design simulation of your dream bathroom. 

Sanitary Ware To Give a Minimalistic Look To Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a combination of bathroom, where your morning kick starts. A sleek and clean looking bathroom is everyone’s desire. Minimalistic is the new trend in this arena. It is just not about styling your restroom but now, it’s the way of living. Adopt a clutter-free bathroom for your home with our Minimalistic Sanitaryware products that are just designed to suit your needs.

Is your restroom piled up with towels, bottles and decor items with all the laundry gathered at one end? What a mess! Make your morning area more pleasing with minimal products that help look your bathroom decluttered. Here are a few tips that can help make your space convert into a spa.

Floating Shelves & Sinks:- We usually have cupboards and cabinets in our bathrooms to store things, which makes it look more hizzy-busy. To get rid of this, you can go for floating shelves and sinks. You can utilize the extra space like a place under the sink, or corners to keep your toiletry, towels or any decor, this gives you a neat looking bathroom.

Go for a Neutral Palette:- Minimalist bathroom designing starts with the color palette you choose. According to trend, neutral colors are more in demand. You can select shades like white, grey, beige, or a wooden finish style. These neutral colors make your restroom look more lighted and sophisticated. If you want to create a luxurious one, go for an overall white color. This will also enhance your bathroom ambience while creating a relaxing and welcoming space, just for you.

Lighting:- A well-lighted bathroom is always appreciable. It can make your space look more sleek and elegant while bringing in more positive vibes. With a better lighting solution, you can truly create a show-stopping ambience. Go for Pendant hanging lights over the bathtub or vanities to add elegance. Recessed shelves are in trend and are mostly used in modern toiletry style. Downlighting underneath the basin and vanities also create drama while creating an illusion of more space. You can also go for a Backlit mirror that looks fantastic while grooming yourself. There are endless possibilities how you light this space with elegance and grace.

Attach Toilet to the wall:- It’s the new style-in. Here the conventional toilets are replaced with wall-mounted seaters and water closets. This truly adds style and space to your restroom. The extra saved space helps in easy cleaning and maintenance.

Modern Faucets:- Go wow, with modern style Faucets. These come in a variety of designs and styles that give your bathroom a new look. Minimalist Sanitaryware products come in wall-mounted tapes. These faucets have become a part of today’s modern-day bathroom styling. Its sleek and clean look keeps it in demand. They also come with an automatic sensor and one-touch application that makes them more useful. Modern Faucets work well in minimalist bathroom style and are easy to clean while saving space and time.

Walk-in shower:- Bathing in bathtubs have always been a luxury style but the new fashion is a walk-in shower. It is one of the elite styles to bathe as you do in a spa. This modern-day bathroom remodeling is way more attractive than the traditional one while it adds luxury to your shower time. This surprisingly affordable space-saving technique does not require floor space that would alternatively be used to open a door. This high-end minimalist bathroom style helps to add value to your house and living standard.

Now, you know what all you can do to make your bathroom look sleek and stylish. These listed features will surely help in making your minimalist sanitaryware idea a successful one. For its space utilization and modern design, makes it the most loved bathroom theme among builder and house owners. Its sophisticated and high-end sanitaryware products add value to your house.

The Next Big Thing In Bathtub Faucets

After a long day of work and hectic schedule, there nothing like unwinding and soaking yourself in a bathtub filled with warm water bubbles. Your bathtub faucet proves to be an important element to define your bathing area that not only looks aesthetic but also complete your bathing routine with ease.

Bathtub faucets have gone beyond functional with designs and styles to fit every bathtub model, theme and décor. Before you hit the showroom floor to shop for the latest bathtub faucet, understand the options and functionality, installation, styles, finishes and countless combinations that you get to choose from.

Bathtub faucets adds sophistication to your bathroom along with your bathtub and also becomes a part of its centerpiece. There are hundreds of bath faucets options available with a common function that they are all designed to fill the tub. They all come with negligible difference in the water flow rates. The main difference lie in their aesthetics and style. We’ve explored the latest faucets and considerations to ensure your bath faucet features design and functionality you prefer.

Types of Bathtub Faucets:
The style of your bathtub faucet helps to support your bathrooms overall look and feel. Your choice of faucet will largely depend on your bathtub type, style and budget. The basic options for bathtub faucets are:

  • Wall-Mount Faucet
  • Deck Mount Bathtub Faucet
  • Roman Bathtub Faucet
  • Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Wall-Mount Bathtub Faucet
This is the most common and widely used type of faucet generally seen in drop-in bathtubs and shower combinations. Wall-mount bath faucets save space and are affordable. The plumbing and installation process become easier as well. They are again divided into several types and models. If you are looking for an array of options, check out the latest and hi-tech range of bathtub faucets from Hindware.

Deck-Mount Bathtub Faucet
A deck-mount bathtub faucet possesses a great aesthetic appeal as it sits on the deck of your bathtub, making it a great bathtub fixture for drop-in and under mount bathtubs. It is best suited for tubs with no shower and broad rim as it occupies space to be fitted on the deck of the tub. The latest models of deck-mount bathtub faucets include hand sprayers, allowing you to easily rinse away soap and shampoo.

Roman Bathtub Faucet
Roman bathtub faucets are designed to evoke the luxury of traditional Roman baths. They are typically deck-mounted fixtures with an arched spout. Roman faucets are very versatile as they come in freestanding, wall-mounted and deck-mounted styles.

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
A freestanding bathtub defines luxury and serves as a masterpiece in your bathroom. They typically feature claw feet and are gilded with gold and other decorative details. Since free standing tubs stand alone without any support of the wall, they require floor-mount faucets. Free standing bathtub faucets are the most expensive types of faucets, fluid bathroom faucets as the latest addition, with exposed plumbing feature from the floor to the spout.

As you shop for the faucets, you need to keep in mind the type of the bathtub and the style or theme of your bathroom. Check out the latest collection of bathtub faucets at Hindware.

20 Things You Should Know About Kids Bathroom

Designing kids’ toilet need creativity and fun element. To give a playful and chic look to kids’ bathroom yet allowing it to functional and practical need a lot of deliberation.

While designing a playful bathroom for your kiddo, you need to take into consideration a lot of things. Here are the few tips you need to follow to design a comfortable and practical kids toilets.

Toilet seat for kids
If you have small children at home who are ready to be potty trained, Hindware has designed baby potty seat and toilet seat for kids that can be easily installed and works best for the growing kid. This seat is fun to use, in attractive color, and allows your child to use the toilet independently.

Double Vanities
When you have one or more kid sharing a single bathroom, chaos and mess is unavoidable. This chaos can be avoided by creation double vanity stations and cut down the time taken in the morning by each child.

Double Faucets
If you do not have the space for two vanities, double faucet with censors from Hindware can do the trick to save the time, water, and provide hygienic bathroom environment to the kids.

Spray nozzle shower head
Kids are messy. A hand-held shower gives children the freedom of movement. Also, nothing is easier than washing the bath area with the shower nozzle. A must!

Multiple Hooks
Let every kid has a space for his towel. Give them their own hooks to hang their towels and clothes. This will give them a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Whimsical Lighting
Make your kids toilet look presentable by funky or statement lightings so that they happily visit the toilet alone whenever needed.

Step Stool
Low-standing sinks are a must for kids. But, if you have two or more kids sharing a single bathroom, you need to think about the youngest one as well. Choose a step stool that helps your toddler to reach the height of the sink or toilet seat.

Easy-to-Reach Storage
Built in extra storage for your little ones by investing in the cabinets, baskets and vanities that are easily approachable by the kids.

Extra Built-Ins
Stylish bathrooms have built-ins for soap and shampoo, bath toys, etc. but they’re normally designed to be eye-level or easily accessible by the kids.

Pop of Colors
Highlight a single element by adding a pop of color to it. Let the most important and playful feature highlight to attract the kids to use the bathroom.

Bright Countertop
Play with the countertop materials and colors. If you have a small bathroom space, use bright and bold countertops to amplify the space.

Funky Pedestal Sink
A pedestal sink in bright colors can be a great idea to highlight an element in your kids’ bathroom.

Bright Fixtures
If you do not have time and money to renovate the kids’ bathroom, just change the old fixtures with the bright ones.

Funny Wallpaper
Express your child’s personality by matching it with a wallpaper that is fun and playful. There are tons of removable and vinyl cling options.

Ceiling Mural
Another alternative to painting walls is a statement mural. Paint a mural on the ceiling matching with the bathroom theme.

Add a Pouf
Funky and cheesy poufs are a great way to add vanity seating without spending big bucks on a chair.

Shower Bench
A bench in the shower is not only essential for senior but it’s great for kids, too. And a bonus shelf for storing toys.

When You Should Choose a Counter Top Wash Basin?

Bathrooms are no more a room of necessity used only for the natural calls and bathing. In the modern times, designers have dedicated a lot of research and innovation to bring out the attractive, modern and stylistic solutions that arouse curiosity and interest. Modern bathrooms are made functional, energy-saving, aesthetic and sleek; all thanks to the innovations that we witness in technology from time to time.

As you enter the bathroom, the first thing you come across that also defines the style of your bathroom is the wash basin. The Wash basin is the focal point of the bathroom that needs attention. That is the reason why designers curate the wash basins the first thing while deciding upon the theme of the bathroom.

Choosing the sink is the first step taken while designing a bath space as it sets the tone of your bathroom. Although, choosing a sink is not a cakewalk. It needs a lot of variables to be taken into consideration like functionality, space, and shape. Several types of wash basins are used for different functionalities and spaces available in your bathroom. Here we will discuss the most recent and widely used basin called Countertop Wash Basin.

Countertop Wash Basins
These type of sinks are self-rimmed and drop-ins that easily fits into the countertop or are installed over the counter. Countertop washbasins have become an integral part of modern bathrooms in homes and public places. Countertop washbasins come in various shapes and designs with a great aesthetic appeal that never goes wrong on the decorative front.

When should you choose a countertop wash basin?
Countertops are very much in vogue irrespective of the size of your bathroom. You should definitely go for countertop wash basins:

  • If your washbasin is the focal point of your bathroom
  • If aesthetic appeal if important to you
  • If you have bathroom space more than necessary
  • If you have multiple users of the bathroom
  • If you do not want to dig holes for fitting fixtures in the wall

Advantages of Counter top wash basins over traditional wash basins:

  • Countertop wash basins are available and various shapes, styles and colors
  • They can be fitted over any counter top material
  • They are very easy to install
  • They have a great face value and aesthetic appeal

Types of Counter top Wash Basins
Here are the most widely used wash basin that you get over the counter or you can buy wash basins online:

Oval Counter top: These basins define luxury and gives a minimalistic look to your bathroom. They effectively create a spa-like bathroom feel.

Round Counter top: Round counter top basins give a fuller look and a third dimension to your bathroom. They speak opulence and extravagance.

Rectangular counter top: they are well fitted in the small bathrooms as well as larger ones. They are sleek and gives a minimalistic look.

How Far Should a Toilet Drain Be From The Wall?

Good bathroom designs are the ones that allow every family member to access each fixture easily. Specific building codes define the spaces between each adjacent fixture and between fixtures and walls. The blueprints are layout defining the standard measurements of each fixture so that the bathroom, whether big or small, looks proportionate.

The difficulty arises if your bathroom is small and you do not want it to look crowdy. In such a case, you need to make smart choices while choosing your bathroom accessories and fixtures. Finding a toilet, sink or tub that requires less space while adhering to all the standard measurements of the fixtures from the wall can do the trick. While designing or renovating a bathroom, the main fixture is complicated and needs to be considered in the water closet.

The main question is how far should a toilet drain be from the wall for a wall-mounted water closet.
Let us discuss some standard measurements that need to be considered for installing a water closet in the bathroom.

The rough-in measurement varies according to the style of the toilet. The distance of the toilet drain from the wall for wall-hung toilets can be between 10 to 14 inches roughly.

Wall-mounted Toilets
While installing a new water closet or replacing an old with a new one, keep in mind the shape of the seat, the tank design, the type of the closet, etc. to determine how much space you need to leave for the drain from the wall. The rough-in distance in the newer homes from the wall to the center of the toilet drain is 12-inch, while, older homes have a distance of anything between 10- or 14 inches. A wall-mounted toilet also needs a 10 inch thick wall to accommodate the flushing system.

Wall-mounted commodes have become a popular option in Indian bathrooms as they hang above the floor and thus the floor and the bathroom becomes easy to clean and maintain. The flushing mechanism is also concealed in the wall which saves the bathroom space. Wall-mounted closets are best preferred when you have a limited space in your bathroom, yet you want a spacious look for your tiny bathroom. Hindware homes wall mounted closets are engineered to reduce clutter and create ample space for movement. Minimalistic in approach, they elegantly compliment the environment they are placed in. It has combination of functionality and comfort. Wall hung closet also comes with slow falling seat cover. You can also shop for Hindware homes wall-mounted closets online.

Round or Elongated style?
Though elongated water closets are considered more comfortable, they take up more space as compared to round water closets. Elongated closets take around 29 to 31 inches of your bathroom space from the wall while round closets are compact and fit within 25 to 28 inches. Usually smaller bathrooms have toilets right opposite to the bathroom door, it is feasible to select Hindware SPLENDOR NEO wall-mounted closet to make your bathroom look spacious.

Sensor Faucets to maintain Hygiene at your Home

Bathrooms are the rooms of the house that demands the most hygiene and time-to-time sanitization to keep them germ-free. Studies show that faucets or taps are the most contaminated and germ-affected bathroom areas second to the toilet bowl. It is because they are used numerous times by several people in a day at home and even in public bathrooms. Here is when the need for contactless technology in the bathrooms has arouse. It is paramount to maintain hygiene in the bathrooms during a pandemic. Since the spread of the pandemic, the demand for contactless technology in the bathrooms has risen by manifolds. The use of sensor faucets in the bathrooms is gaining importance as it decreases the time and effort of cleaning, and it is more hygienic and water-saving.

Though these are not the only reasons why people turn to sensor faucets and buy bathroom faucets online, they have advantages much more than these:

Hygiene and sanitation
Traditional taps need to be touched every time you need to turn on the water. This is usually done after using the washroom when your hands are the dirtiest. This definitely renders the taps full of germs and bacteria. These germs stay on the tap surface and transfers to the hands of consecutive user. This chain of infection goes on that can be stopped only when we make sure that the facets are not touched.

Sensor faucets automate the flow of water and helps in maintaining hygiene and proper sanitization. They avoid cross-contamination of germs which is a priority towards well-being in recent times.

Traditional faucets are prone to wear and tear as they are touched numerous times by different people. They are often man-handled especially in public bathrooms. They are often turned off with wet hands that ensures corrosion and damage. Also, the maintenance of traditional faucets that ensures their smooth running is quite high.

Sensor faucets do not need to be touched. As a result, there is no corrosion, man-handling or risk of damage in any way. The cost of maintenance is brought down considerably.

Often in public bathrooms, and even at homes, people tend to keep the tap on and water flowing while washing their face or brushing their teeth. This leads to the sheer wastage of water costing to environment.

Sensor faucets save water by controlling the flow of water. They start the water flow only after sensing your hand beneath the tap and also stops the water flow within few seconds as programmed. This results in cutting down water wastage by 70%.

Regulates the water-flow
We are often accustomed to open the top on full swing, although the heavy flow of water is not at all required by us. Studies show that a fully opened tap releases 5 liters of water in a minute. In any case, such huge amount of water is neither required for washing hands nor for any other use.

Sensor faucets regulate the flow of water by pre-setting the flow rate to avoid water wastage, excessive splashing and wet bathrooms.

Ways to Improve Your Bathroom without Spending a Fortune

Thinking of improving the overall look of your bathroom? If so, you are making the right decision. A renovated bathroom not only pleases the eyes of your visitors or provides you and your family, convenience in taking a bath, using the commode, and so on, but it also gives your home a higher value, in case you are planning to have it leased, rented, or sold.

Some think that the only way they can improve the look of their bathroom is by spending tons of rupees. Actually, that is not the case as there are many ways one can improve the overall look of their bathroom without spending too much.


Tips for cheap bathroom renovation

Below are some good tips to consider when renovating a bathroom:

  • Add bathroom accessories

This is an effective yet cheap way to improve the overall look of your bathroom. It is not expensive as a towel holder or bathroom shelf is more than enough to give your bathroom a newer and better look. Some add-ons to consider are:

  • Lights

Adding more lights to a bathroom can surely give it a better and warmer look.

  • Change faucets, shower heads, etc

Faucets, the same as shower heads, come in different styles, designs, and functionalities. A simple change can give your bathroom a dramatic change.

  • Repaint walls

Changing the paint of your wall is something you can do on your own. Changing the color of your bathroom can give it a new theme and ambiance. Choose a color that suits your taste and personality the most. Hiring a professional may not be necessary as such projects do not require high expertise.

If you have no idea about it, you may want to seek help from a friend or a relative.

  • Compare prices

Do not buy accessories or bathroom fittings in a rush. Take as much time as you need to compare prices. There are a lot of shops selling accessories and fixtures online, which you can browse for the perfect product.

You may also want to ask when is the shop’s upcoming sale or if they have available discount coupons to offer. Getting the same item at a cheaper price is without a doubt, a great savings opportunity.


  • Recycle

Do not throw anything unless it is completely broken or useless. Instead of throwing them away why not sell it or change its face. A cabinet does not need replacement to make it look brand new and fresh, a simple painting job or change of handles is more than enough to make it look better.

Recycling is not an issue at all, irrespective of whether you want a complete new look for your bathroom or just a minimal change. Artistry is the key to make any bathroom look its best.

Spending a fortune is not necessary to make your bathroom look new and good again. Following the tips below can help you a lot in giving your bathroom, a new facelift.

Current Trends In Bathroom Themes You Need To Know

One of the most exciting parts of the house to renovate or re-arrange is the bathroom. Having a nice bathroom will not just add elegance to your home’s overall appearance but its value as well. Investing in such projects can help you a lot in making your home interiors pretty and the living experience, highly comfortable for every member of the family.

When decorating a home, you may want to speak with a professional designer to ensure that all corners of your bathroom will be turned to its best, functional condition and highest possible appeal. There are many themes you can consider using, and it is all up to your needs and personal preference to decide which of them is the most valuable to consider.

The themes to consider are endless and to name some of the most popular, read below

  • Black and white theme

If you are looking for a timeless theme, black and white will never disappoint you. These timeless hues will ensure that your bathroom will never go out of the trend. A white, free standing bath tub paired with black and white patterned floor and wall tiles will give you a theme that is sure to last for a very long time. Black and white will never be out of the trend even if new hues are introduced in the market. It is timeless, it is elegant, there is nothing else you should ask for.

  • Vintage meets modern vibe

Why not bring your old credenza to life and use it for vanity inside your bathroom, and pair it up with brass bathroom fixtures, a nice raised sink and a concealed cistern. If you want, you can add some old looking, nice rugs and wooden vanity mirrors too. Mixing and matching vintage objects to the modern will give your bathroom a nice, warm vibe.

  • Give your bathroom some spa-inspired theme

Transporting from your room to a spa inspired bathroom themes is always a good idea, especially for people who want to have a tranquil experience while inside their homes. Using crisp white bathroom fixtures and accessories along with some blue hues around, carpet, rags etc. is good enough.

  • Go for a bohemian theme for your bathroom

Layering textures and patterns is more than enough to give your bathroom a bohemian feel. This is a perfect choice for homeowners who have a small bathroom yet want it to look comforting and inviting. Layering patterns on rugs, woven baskets and shower curtains are more than enough to do the job. This is not costly at all as recycling old stuffs for layering is just fine. Interchanging one with the other can help you come up with a brand new look.

  • Keep it all white

This will help you change themes as often as you want without sweating. Using any color and considering any theme is possible if you start with all white. Considering versatility, all white theme is a perfect choice.

From Sanjay Kalra’s Desk: Get inspired by Alchymi’s designer bathroom suites

Two decades ago, a bathroom was an afterthought – tucked away in the corners of the house, it was a space that had no distinction. Today, these intimate spaces have undergone a drastic upgrade. Bathrooms are no longer simply about the facilities and products but instead encompass a much greater essence. As these spaces reinvent themselves, we wanted to think big, push boundaries and design bathrooms that are elegant and contemporary. To give life to this thought we created Alchymi, an exclusive collection of bathroom suites curated by Manish Malhotra, and designed to inspire you.

Our collaboration with Manish Malhotra has been a very passionate and fun exercise. What we created together is perfect for young, urban Indian consumers who are looking to add a signature look to their homes. His aesthetic sensibilities are not confined to the world of beautiful clothes. He understands what appeals to the eye.

This collaboration has led to the birth of our super-premium bathroom suites that lend an aesthetic edge to the designs. These designs not only appeal to our existing customers but also help us to draw new urban consumers who are looking for a bathroom experience that transcends functionality.

Stepping into one of our bathrooms is an act of magnificence, complete in itself. The seamless combination of revolutionary forms, bold colors, and never-seen-before textures will leave you inspired to find beauty, sophistication, and elegance in life.