Evolve to minimalism

Celebrate the uncluttered paradigm of industrial space with the Modern Industry. Crafted to be reminiscent of the prime tenets of minimalism, this space embargoes anything with clutter in favor of the clean sleek & slim lines you have come to love.

Amazon White Matte
  • A statement piece.
  • It creates a bold, focal point in the bath space.
  • An attractive, long-lasting Matte Finish.
Armada Single Lever Basin Mixer Tall
  • The tall body of this mixer gives a stylish effect…
  • Single Hole Installation that amounts to less clutter.
  • Casting: 100% virgin Brass Ingots certified for 63% Copper to…


Accessories Combo Set

Contessa Contessa Glass Shelf

Contessa Soap Dish (Brass)

Contessa Paper Holder With Cover