From Indoor plants to green walls, living walls in bathrooms are becoming a huge trend nowadays. Check out the luxurious design for your morning room.

Over Counter Wash Basin
Pearl Over Counter Wash Basin
  • Marked by an attractive free flowing design bowl and deep…
Wall Mounted Closet
  • Auto Pre & Post Flush
  • Warm Air-Drying
  • Deodorization
  • 3D massage & oscillating cleansing
  • Touchremote for automate
Automate Intelligent Wall Mounted Closet
  • A technological innovation that brings the world at your fingertips.
  • A range of high tech EWCs that come with a…
  • Enhance all aspects of your bathroom experience, be it regulating…
Armada Single Lever Basin Mixer W/O Popup Waste
  • The single lever in this Armada basin mixer makes it…
  • Single hole installation
  • Compact design for an aesthetically pleasing effect.
Thermostatic Valve 4 Way Volume Control
  • Massage
  • Rain
  • Body Shower
  • Hand Shower
  • Safety Lock
Thermostatic Valve 4 Way Volume Control
  • 4-way volume control.
  • Equipped with temperature control feature.
  • Deliver you a rejuvenating showring experience.