8 Best Bathroom Cabinet Designs That Are Perfect To Elevate Your Bathroom Decor

22nd April 2024
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A cabinet is an essential part of any bathroom, adding not only style to your bathroom’s decor but also providing you with enough storage space. Whether it’s toiletries, skincare products, towels, or other bathroom essentials, a proper bathroom cabinet can store them all, making your bathroom clutter-free and clean.
With the right bathroom cabinet, you can maximize the use of space in your bathroom, ensuring that everything is neatly organized and easily accessible. From corner cabinets ideal for small bathrooms to spacious free-standing cabinets perfect for ample storage space, there are plenty of bathroom cabinet designs available to suit your specific needs and preferences.
So, whether you want to upgrade your current cabinet or remodel your whole bathroom decore, these eight bathroom cabinet designs will give you the inspiration and guidance you need to elevate your bathroom:

A floating bathroom sink cabinet for a sleek look

A floating sink cabinet is a popular modern bathroom cabinet design, offering a combination of sleek, minimalist design and functionality. The cabinet is attached directly to the wall, with a lower cupboard floating above the floor, contributing to a cleaner overall aesthetic. Since the cabinet is floating, it is easier to clean and maintain the space around it. The cabinet is perfect for those with small bathrooms as they save floor save and make the room appear larger than it is. To give a more modern and stylish appearance, consider installing a Hindware commode in your bathroom.

Vintage bathroom cabinet for timeless elegance

A vintage bathroom cabinet is designed to give a look and feel of past eras, making your bathroom feel warm and inviting. These cabinets are very classy and elegant, mimicking the vintage aesthetic while providing storage space. The cabinets feature intricate detailing, ornate handles, and rich wood finishes, adding a touch of elegance to your modern bathroom. You can choose a free-standing, wall-mounted, or wash basin cabinet design for your vintage bathroom cabinet. The traditional vintage cabinet usually comes in muted and softer shades, such as pastel colours and natural wood. While selecting a vintage cabinet for your bathroom, be sure to go with a colour that goes with your overall decor.

Save space with a corner bathroom cabinet

If you have a small bathroom, a corner bathroom cabinet with a wash basin design will be perfect. This cabinet design will help you utilize the corner bathroom area we often neglect, giving your bathroom a sleek look without taking up too much space. They are designed to fit into corners and can be either freestanding or wall-mounted. To give your bathroom a more spacious look, consider adding a wall-mounted closet in your bathroom, as they take up less space.

A mirrored wall-mounted cabinet for a mix of functionality and style

Bathroom mirror cabinets are incredible practical bath cabinet designs, offering you style, as well as ample storage space. This cabinet basically consists of a mirror that is essentially a door to a cabinet and has hidden storage compartments where you can store your bathroom essentials such as daily toiletries, towels, cleaning products, bath accessories, and much more. You can even go with a combination of mirror cabinets with an open side shelve, giving you more space for extra storage. Although the mirrored wall cabinet comes in various materials, a wooden cabinet could give your bathroom a more classy finish.

A free-standing bathroom cabinet for efficient storage

If you are someone who needs large storage space, then a free-standing cabinet could be the perfect cabinet design for your bathroom. These types of bathroom cabinets feature multiple sections, offering ample storage space and keeping your bathroom space clean and organized. Depending on your bathroom decor and choice, you either go for a tall freestanding cabinet or a mid-sized one.
The best way to incorporate these types of cabinets in your bathroom is by choosing freestanding cabinets with some closed cupboards and a few open shelves. This is a more convenient and space-efficient bath cabinet design that will elevate your bathroom space.

Aesthetically pleasing open-shelved bathroom cabinet

An open-shelf bathroom cabinet offers a more aesthetically pleasing look to your bathroom. This can make your bathroom appear larger, unlike closed cabinets, which sometimes give congested and closed appearances. Since the shelves are open, your toiletries, towels, decorative items, or some other bathroom essentials will be within reach, making it more accessible and convenient for you.
You can either go for wall-mounted bathroom shelves or under the washbasin open shelves, based on your preference. A combination of open shelves and closed cupboards can also be a great option, giving your cabinet a striking balance.

Durable and luxurious teak bathroom cabinet

Teak wood has a beautiful golden colour and is great for building all types of furniture, especially cabinets. When it comes to bath cabinet design, a teak bathroom cabinet offers a luxurious and incredibly durable storage solution and is known to provide great resistance to water and moisture. They can withstand humid conditions without deteriorating, making them an ideal choice for bathrooms.
In addition to their durability, teak bathroom cabinets also exude a timeless elegance that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Their natural design can complement a variety of bathroom decor styles. With proper maintenance and care, a teak cabinet can last for years, making it the best choice for your bath’s vanity design.

A double-basin bathroom cabinet to double the storage space

A double-basin bathroom cabinet can be a practical and stylish solution for those in need of extra storage space. These cabinets come with dual basins atop a countertop, providing ample space for daily grooming routines. With multiple drawers and cabinets under the sink, you will have ample storage space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom accessories, making it a perfect cabinet design for bathrooms in busy households.
Incorporating these double-basin cabinet designs into your bathroom will not only enhance the functionality but can also add a touch of luxury to your bathroom decor.

When Selecting the Bathroom Cabinet Design

Measure your bathroom space:
Measure the available space in your bathroom for a cabinet. Understanding how much space you have for a cabinet will help you decide the best cabinet design for yourself. For example, if you have a small space in your bathroom, you could consider a floating basin cabinet design or a wall-mounted cabinet.
Know your storage needs:
Understand your storage needs by assessing what you need to store in your bathroom. Whether it’s toiletries, towels, cleaning supplies, or any other bathroom essentials. This will help you in finding the right size and design for your wash basin cabinet.
Material for the cabinet:
A bathroom cabinet comes in various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Choose a material suitable for a bathroom and can withstand moisture and humidity.
Your style and design:
Choose a cabinet that matches the overall aesthetic and design of your bathroom. Think about whether you want a traditional cabinet or a modern one. Additionally, think about the specific design you desire, whether a bath vanity design or a wall-mounted cabinet design.
Bathroom cabinet prices can vary depending on the design you choose. So, before settling on a design, set a budget for the cabinet. Also, if you are redesigning your whole bathroom, consider the commode and bathtub price too, before deciding your cabinet budget.


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