9 Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas – Maximise Space with Style

22nd April 2024
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Despite being among the smallest areas of a house, bathrooms usually need a great amount of storage space. This is a place where a lot of things are kept, such as towels, toiletries, vanity products, cleaning essentials, etc. Especially in today’s urban homes, making enough storage space is no less than a challenge due to a lack of square footage. However, with the help of the right bath accessories and smart sanitaryware products, you can make your bathroom more organised and clutter-free.

Here are a few smart storage ideas for a small bathroom to maximise space without compromising on style:

Install Wall-to-wall Storage Units

When it comes to choosing storage cabinets for a bathroom, it is important to take both functionality and aesthetics into consideration. Generally, people install storage cabinets in such a way that some space remains unused on the sides. This not only looks unappealing but also results in less storage space. The better alternative to this is to use a wall-to-wall unit. This will not only give you some extra space to store your essentials, but it can also enhance the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Go for Corner Cabinets

There is no denying the fact that corners are the most underutilised areas of a bathroom. Although corner shelves have always been a great solution, there can be times when these corners have a larger room. In such scenarios, you can go for corner cabinets. They are somewhat similar to regular bathroom cabinets. The only difference is that they are designed in a triangular space to be a perfect fit for the corners. You can either opt for a unit with glass sliders or keep the shelves open.

Use Wall-mounted Cabinets

When lack of space is a major issue in your bathroom, going for floor-standing storage units is completely out of the question. In such a situation, wall-hung storage cabinets are the best option you have. These can make your bathroom look modern, more aesthetically pleasing, and, above all, more practical.

Use Shelves

Sometimes, when you’re short on space, accommodating large storage units in the bathroom also becomes a challenge. The simple reason behind this is that these storage units take up a lot of floor space, making the bathroom look even smaller. In such a scenario, high-level shelves come to your rescue. By utilising the available space in the best way possible, these accessories ensure that your things are not all over the place. In areas like above-sink space, corners, etc., you can also use floating shelves. They do a great job of maximising vertical space while adding a touch of contemporary style. Here, you can easily store almost anything, be it extra towels, toiletries, or some other essentials. Other than this, these shelves can also be used to showcase some small decor pieces or plants.

Currently, there are a number of design options available in the market when it comes to choosing an organizer shelf for your bathroom. You can easily find some great-looking glass shelf accessories that can add great aesthetics to your space.

Use Shower Caddies

When there is a lack of storage space in the bath area, making a dedicated space to keep things like shampoo bottles, soap bars, etc. is a real problem. This either results in an overstuffed vanity drawer or messy countertops. However, shower caddies seem to be the only solution in this case. These small but very useful accessories can keep all your shower essentials organised without cramping the space. These days, you can find a wide range of shower organisers or shower caddies in the market that you can choose from. Some of them hang from the showerhead, while others need to be fixed to the wall. So, it is important to pick the right one as per your specific needs. This way, you will be able to neatly stock up all your bathroom supplies in such a way that they are always within your reach.

Use Hanging Baskets

If you don’t want to waste a single inch of wall space while designing your bathroom, wired hanging baskets are a real saviour. Available in different size options, these baskets can be used to store almost everything, from tissues to bath sponges, towel rolls to brushes.

Install a Ladder Shelf

Using ladder shelves is another addition to the list of smart storage ideas for a bathroom. As the name suggests, this is a ladder-like structure made from materials like wood, plastic, metal, etc. and features a number of shelves as steps. These are one of those accessories that not only provide ample storage for all bathroom essentials but can also be used as a statement piece of your bathroom décor.

Use a Tower Ladder

Quite similar to ladder shelves, towel ladders are another great storage option for your small bathroom design. The only difference is that these are wall-mounted and do not take up any floor space. Since these tower ladders are sturdy, they can support multiple towels. So, you can not only hang the towel you’re going to use but also store some extra ones here. Some of these tower ladders come with a small shelf at the very top. So, you can use this space to store toiletries or any small decor items and make your bathroom look clutter-free.

Utilise Over-the-toilet Space

The most common mistake that people make while designing a bathroom is underutilizing the space above the toilet. Generally, this space is used to keep small things like tissue rolls or small planters. But if you design it innovatively, there is a lot that you can do with this space. Especially in the case of a small bathroom, this is a brilliant idea. You can either install open shelves or go for a sleek storage cabinet with small drawers. From extra hand towels to tissue rolls and cleaning products, you can store almost everything here. This not only saves a lot of space but also makes the area look neat and clutter-free.

Are you also in the process of designing your bathroom and looking for ideas to maximise the space? With the help of these bathroom organization ideas and the entire range of smart Hindware bath fittings, you’re good to go! So, take your pick and start designing your bathroom today!


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