A Complete Guide to Choose the Right Wash Basin for Your Bathroom

27th May 2024
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With different shapes and sizes of wash basins available on the market, choosing the right one is crucial. Contemporary bathrooms have various elements, which redefine luxury and the wash basin is one of them. This is why designers and architects are making great efforts to create the best utilisation of bath space. Today, wash basins are nothing less than a work of art. Depending upon the intended use and bathroom aesthetic, there are several wash basin options available. Let’s have a glimpse of wash basins, which you can buy for your bath lounge:

Types of Wash Basins to Fit in the Bath Space

Table Top Wash Basin

The market is filled with small and medium-sized tabletop wash basins, which sit directly on top of the counter. It is a preferred wash basin type by homeowners who want a modern touch to their bathrooms. Available in a wide range of design varieties such as oval, rectangle, square and round, these wash basins are made up of premium material. When installed on top of the vanity, the tabletop wash basin looks chic and minimal. Interior designers and architects suggest this wash basin if you want to add vertical space illusion to your bath space. It uses the height of the room, which maximizes the space utilization. Furthermore, small tabletop wash basins are easier to install in comparison to other alternatives.

Full Pedestal Wash Basin

If you are a fan of the classic style, then you’ll find a full pedestal wash basin will suit your utility space needs. It has a practical design, which makes it a very popular choice in the market. In this type of wash basin, the basin is mounted on the pedestal, which extends down the floor. The pedestal has a crucial role in providing support to the basin and concealing the plumbing. This type of wash basin comes in standard sizes in oval, round and rectangular shapes. Made up of ceramic or porcelain, this wash basin is mounted on the wall and supported by the pedestal. It comes with a taphole for faucet installation. The modern sleek design makes it very easy to clean and maintain.

Under Counter Basin

Under counter wash basin is the go-to choice for those who prefer a minimal look in their bathroom. This basin perfectly blends with the bathroom furniture, without adding any volume to the space. If you are not a fan of big-size wash basins, under counter basin can serve your purpose. This wash basin is installed under the counter with its rim attached to the counter. Also, it is a great option for small bathrooms, which require highly functional fixtures. As the basin does not have any exposed rim, it makes cleaning easy and efficient. The dirt and debris can be easily wiped down for regular maintenance. Some of the best under-counter wash basins have caps for over-flow holes and 3 semi-punched holes for tap fitting.

Corner Type Wash Basin

If you are looking for the smallest wash basin in the market, choose a corner wash basin. Corner washbasins are known for their small sizes and maximum space utilisation. It ensures that even the dead space in your bath lounge does not go to waste. These days, corner wash basins are an integral part of intelligent design choices by interior designers. Often, used in powder rooms and small bathrooms, corner wash basins are versatile choices for homes. Available in various styles and shapes, when installed in the bath lounge, these wash basins are functional choices without compromising on aesthetics.

Cabinet Type Wash Basin

Cabinet washbasins are available in different sizes, which align with the cabinet structure. There are a few considerations before choosing the cabinet wash basins such as cabinet height, cabinet material, plumbing considerations and faucet design. This type of wash basin is an ideal choice for master bathrooms, and guest bathrooms, where you need ample space to store bath and body products. The wash basin adds a lavish look and keeps the space functional.

Kitchen Wash Basin

The kitchen wash basin is usually large to make it suitable for washing dishes comfortably. If you have limited counter space or a small kitchen, go for a single-bowl wash basin. It provides ample sink space and under-counter storage. You can comfortably do dishes without any splatter. It is a practical choice for modern homes, which require creative space utilisation to maximise the floor area.

How to Choose the Right Wash Basin Size

When you buy a wash basin for your bathroom, powder room or kitchen, the size of the wash basin depends on a variety of factors such as:

Small Wash Basin

The small wash basin is suitable for compact spaces. It is suitable for:

  • Powder Room: Small bathroom with just toilet and sink.
  • Half Baths: It is similar to a powder room with

Advantages of Small Wash Basins

  • Space saving
  • Easy to clean
  • Minimalist look

Medium Size Wash Basin

These are the standard size of wash basins, which is a popular choice amongst buyers. Suitable for:

  • Standard Bathrooms: A full bathroom with all four components including toilet, sink, shower and fixtures.

Advantages of Medium Size Wash Basin

  • Ample utility space
  • A variety of design options
  • Versatile choice (Fits in most bathrooms)

Large Wash Basin

The large wash basin is preferred for the bathroom with a lavish floor plan. These basins are opulent choices adding grace and grandeur to the bath lounge. Suitable for:

  • Master Bathroom: Attached bathroom to the master bedroom, with ample counter space.
  • Guest Bathroom: The bathroom attached to the guest bedroom, requires space to store bath products.

Advantages of Large Wash Basins

  • Luxurious appeal
  • Enhanced usability
  • Ideal for high-traffic bathrooms

Certain factors such as bathroom layout, storage requirement, and design aesthetic must be considered before choosing the size of the wash basin. It is important to have exact measurements and floor layout of the bathroom before buying a wash basin as it can make or break the final look.

If you are looking for a wash basin with a suitable size for your bathroom, Hindware Italian Collection presents innovative sanitary ware to you. A wide variety of washbasins in different sizes are available that cater to your utilitarian needs. These premium bathroom fittings are easy to clean, maintaining bathroom hygiene. The exemplary design offers convenient use daily which contributes to healthier homes.


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