A Comprehensive Guide To Choose The Best Corner Wash Basin For Your Bathroom

28th May 2024
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A bathing space is often considered a sanctuary within homes, as it is a special area where we all start our day. The arrangement, design, and functionality of the bathroom are important aspects that require careful consideration. To craft the look of a bathroom, detail matters, and one of the details of a bathroom is a designer corner wash basin. It is one of those elements that add to the symphony of design and functionality of a bathroom. So, you should try out different design ideas for a corner wash basin, as it is more than just a utilitarian fixture. It is an essential component of your bathroom.

Washbasins are multi-utilitarian as they are used for washing hands and face, brushing your teeth, and even shaving. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to select based on your bathroom’s design. There are a lot of options to choose from, such as integrated pedestal basin, half pedestal basin, full pedestal basin, countertop self-rimming basin, table top basin, or wall hung basin. But before you select this, let’s take a look at two important factors that must be considered when buying a wash basin:

Bathroom size

One of the most important factors that matter the most while selecting a wash basin online is the size of the bathroom. Before you start your research, measure your bathroom space or any space in which you want to put up a wash basin. For example, you can look up corner wash basin designs even for your dining room. But if you are looking for a wash basin for your bathroom, its size and layout will significantly influence the kind of corner wash basin design or any other wash basin you can install there.

You should ensure that the size of the basin matches the available space in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. In small bathrooms, wall-mounted or corner wash basins can be used to save space and provide better functionality. Larger bathrooms can get more extensive countertop basins or vanity units. Another unique design idea is to add a cabinet to the wash basin to keep all the toiletries hidden and well-organized.

Material of the wash basin

You can find corner wash basins made of all kinds of materials with unique characteristics. Some of the common options include glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone, and stainless steel. Different kinds of materials have different durability, maintenance requirements, and appearance. Let’s see some of the most commonly used materials in wash basins:


It is quite affordable, durable, and easy to clean. Also, you can get it in various shapes and sizes.


This material is similar to ceramic, but there is a difference in its smoothness, and it has a shinier finish. If you want elegance and durability in your corner wash basin, you can use porcelain basins with beautiful designs.


Glass material for small corner sinks in the bathroom is one of the great ideas that you can implement at your home. It will create a stunning visual effect, and it is easy to clean. However, they can be more delicate, so you will need to be extra careful around them to prevent scratches and breakage.


Many natural stones, such as marble or granite, give a luxurious and unique look hence, they are used in bathrooms quite often. To preserve their appearance, you need to maintain their maintenance.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is durable and has resistance to stains and corrosion. This makes them a practical choice for any kind of place.

If you want a wash basin to be decorative, you can choose a glass basin, but if you want something more functional, select stainless steel or porcelain.

Wash Basin Types

To determine the overall style, functionality, and aesthetics of a bathroom, you need to choose a specific basin. You can choose from a wide variety of basin types which offer unique features. If you select the right one, it can really impact your bathroom’s overall look and functionality. Here’s why basin types are important in wash basin styles. Basin types contribute to the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Wall hung basin

These wall-mounted wash basins are quite popular. They can be mounted to a wall or on the existing pedestal sink to save space. Full pedestal wall-hung basins are one of its type, which are mounted on a wall or lie atop a pedestal sink, providing more space for moving around the basin. Another type is a half-pedestal wall-hung basin, which is a perfect choice for small bathrooms. They don’t protrude from the wall and take up less space to allow more room to move around.

Wall Hung Vanity Basins

These are used commonly as they give a good amount of space to work with and do not take up any floor space. These wash basin sets are available in many different sizes, which can be a good option if the bathroom has limited space and there isn’t much room for a bigger unit.

Counter Top Wash Basin

A countertop wash basin is small but is quite functional. It is the perfect size for small bathrooms and homes that have limited space. It is basically smaller than traditionally used basins. Since they can be placed on the countertop, look astonishing and are easy to clean, many people use countertop wash basins in their bathrooms. If you are thinking of remodelling or renovating your bathroom, you can use these wash basins as a replacement option.

Pedestal Basins

These wash basins have an additional pedestal which hides plumbing. They look classic, and their appearance is suitable for medium- to large-sized bathrooms.

Glass Wash Basin

These wash basins are made using tempered glass, which is heated and cooled to make them stronger. The glass wash basin is widely available in a variety of colours and designs made for specific styles or bathing space themes. They can be installed as freestanding units with just one hole drilled into the countertop, or they can be mounted on the wall for a permanent fixture.

Corner Wash Basin

A corner wash basin is a great choice if you want to save space in your bathroom. A corner wash basin is designed in a way that does not require more plumbing work because it has its own faucet and drains. It can be used as both a sink and a bathtub.

You need to carefully consider several factors when choosing the right-corner wash basin design. There are numerous options available in terms of size, material, style, and installation type.


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