A Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Perfect Toilet Seat Design

29th May 2024
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When people renovate their bathrooms, they neglect the toilet seats, a basic bathroom necessity. In bathrooms, every element plays an important role in creating a pleasant environment, and toilet seats are one of the crucial fixtures. Today, toilet seats have evolved into highly functional and appealing sanitary ware, enhancing the overall bathroom experience. Toilet seats come in different shapes, sizes, styles, flushing technology, and plumbing fixtures. Evolving with clean and superlative designs, innovative technology, and discreet aesthetics, regular toilet seats have become the cornerstone of luxury toilet seat designs. Considering high-end designs and multiple options, selecting the right toilet seat design for your bathroom is not a simple decision. Even minor details like the shape and height of the seat can affect the style and comfort. So, it is essential to consider all the important factors and make the right choice when selecting a toilet seat design.


The size and shape of the toilet seat can impact the overall space in the bathroom. Toilet seats are available in diverse styles and sizes on the market, so it is vital to determine the right fit and size, keeping the bathroom space in mind. Most people prefer an elongated toilet seat over a round one. However, elongated seat designs occupy more space compared to round seats. A square or elongated design can add a classy touch to a larger bathroom, but it may look odd in small bathrooms. So, determine the right size, considering the space and other bathroom toilet accessories available in that area.


The next important point to consider when deciding on the toilet seat design is the material that the seat is made of. Generally, toilet seats are designed using a variety of materials, but wood and plastic are the two most common material types used in all regular or Western commode designs. While plastic toilet seats are affordable, available in different colours, and easy to clean, wooden seats are known to be very comfortable, but they are more expensive than plastic ones. Also, the standout feature of plastic toilet seats is their lightweight and manoeuvrable nature. Some other types of materials used in the latest toilet seat designs include:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Vinyl
  • Ceramic (Porcelain)
  • Vitreous clay
  • Brass

All these materials have some benefits and drawbacks, so you should decide on the right one that is apt for your bathroom.

Flushing Technique

The flushing technology in western commode designs is continuously evolving, preventing water waste. Nowadays, most people look for a dual flush system that has two flushing methods, slight flush (using 3 litres of water) and the main flush (with 6 litres of water waste). Another kind of flush is called the pressure assisted toilet flush, which has built-in features to create extra pressure or use the water line pressure to flush the toilet. In addition, there are some Western toilet seat designs that allow users to flush only a required quantity of water. The button is pressed once to flush out the water and pressed again to stop the water.


The cost plays a vital role in determining the type of toilet sanitary ware you would like to choose for your bathroom. With evolving technology, there is a vast range of options available in the market to match your budget range and preferences. The majority of customers go for toilet seat designs that look simple, durable, and functional while remaining budget-friendly. However, you will have to pay a little more for seats with high-end designs, and or those made with long-lasting materials. If budget is not a constraint and you want to have extra features, go for a luxury toilet seat design for your bathroom. These seat designs come loaded with excellent features, including water and seat temperature settings.

Different Toilet Seat Designs

Some of the meticulously designed Western commode designs to create an ultimate bathroom environment include: –

Dual Toilet Seat Design

An inventive solution for modern bathrooms, a dual-commode toilet design demonstrates convenience with style. It has two toilets with diverse functionalities. These two elements are called a toilet and a bidet. While the toilet works the same, the bidet works like a sink that cleans the lower part after use. The highly functional bidet offers two options – automatic water control or manual water functioning, changing the style of contemporary bathrooms.

Wall-mounted or Floating Commode Design

One of the most popular toilet sanitary items, a wall-mounted or floating commode design makes the space look expanded by hovering over the floor. With a discreet aesthetic and simple details, these Western toilet seat designs make an ideal choice for modern bathrooms. While this toilet seat has a beautiful design, it suits small bathrooms.

Modern Toilet Seat Design

These toilet seat designs are outstanding in appearance and features, displaying their elegance and style. With innovative technology and efficiency in managing the water temperature, flushing, and water flow, modern toilet seat designs deliver high-end experiences. Also, they have smart lighting and music options that complement the modern bathroom. With all smart western commode designs styled in luxury, modern toilet seat designs add a touch of classiness, upgrading the overall look of bathrooms.

Classic Toilet Design

These are aesthetically designed commodes, depicting style and elegance. Through these classic English toilet seat designs, the water tank is connected to it, for flushing the pot after use. Using a classic model in the bathroom will create a mix of contemporary and conventional grace for a modern bathroom, giving a sense of luxury.

Rimless Toilet Seat Design

The latest toilet seat design in the list, the rimless commode, is a revolution for modern bathroom designs. This new toilet design does not have a frame around the bowl, offering it a sleek and elegant appeal. Also, the design of these toilet seats keeps the space clean and hygienic by flushing the water in a way that cleans the internal area of the bowl. With a clean and stylish design, the Rimless Toilet Seat simply mixes with the bathroom aesthetics, enhancing the overall style of bathrooms.

All-Black Modern Commode

Another luxury toilet seat design, an all-black modern commode, adds boldness and unique appeal to a bathroom. The black colour gives toilet sanitary ware a sophisticated and luxurious charm while enhancing the interior. The black commode design is ideal for creating an enriched ambience and grace in the bathroom.

While there are many types of toilet seat designs, the right one will depend on your bathroom style and preference. With a better understanding of the available designs in the market, you can make a wise decision as per your needs. At Hindware, you can explore a range of premium options to choose the right one for your bathroom.


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