For The Forever Sparkling Faucets

1st March 2017
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The eye often goes to the faucet as one of the signs of cleanliness in a home. Not to forget, freshly cleaned faucets that shine in the light can make your bathroom look like it’s worth a million! Take a look at these tips to make the task of cleaning and maintaining them, a lot easier and simpler.

  • Use mild soap solution to keep the chrome surface clean and free from deposits.
  • Give special attention to regular cleaning in coastal areas.
  • Clean the overhead tank at least once in a month.
  • Don’t use harsh acids coarse cleaning powders, household cleaners or hard scrubbers.
  • Do not let cleaners sit or soak on surfaces
  • For showers without Rub IT System clear the nozzles by using hindware Cleaning Liquid and a soft brush
  • To clean the blocked nozzles in RUB IT Showers turn on the water and rub the nozzles with a wet finger.
  • Prevent scaling by regularly cleaning the edges and using a softener for harsh water.
  • Use a strainer at the outlet of the overhead tank to prevent damage to internal fitting parts.


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