From Sanjay Kalra’s Desk: Get inspired by Alchymi’s designer bathroom suites

5th August 2019
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Two decades ago, a bathroom was an afterthought – tucked away in the corners of the house, it was a space that had no distinction. Today, these intimate spaces have undergone a drastic upgrade. Bathrooms are no longer simply about the facilities and products but instead encompass a much greater essence. As these spaces reinvent themselves, we wanted to think big, push boundaries and design bathrooms that are elegant and contemporary. To give life to this thought we created Alchymi, an exclusive collection of bathroom suites curated by Manish Malhotra, and designed to inspire you.

Our collaboration with Manish Malhotra has been a very passionate and fun exercise. What we created together is perfect for young, urban Indian consumers who are looking to add a signature look to their homes. His aesthetic sensibilities are not confined to the world of beautiful clothes. He understands what appeals to the eye.

This collaboration has led to the birth of our super-premium bathroom suites that lend an aesthetic edge to the designs. These designs not only appeal to our existing customers but also help us to draw new urban consumers who are looking for a bathroom experience that transcends functionality.

Stepping into one of our bathrooms is an act of magnificence, complete in itself. The seamless combination of revolutionary forms, bold colors, and never-seen-before textures will leave you inspired to find beauty, sophistication, and elegance in life.


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