Hindware Water Closets Collection

6th August 2018
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As experts, we understand how difficult it is to choose a perfect Water Closets for your dream bathroom. Both wall-mounted and floor-mounted toilets offer their own benefits that need to be considered before choosing between the two. Our experts have outlined the features of both, to help you decide.

To give a rich and modern look to your bathroom, opt for the elegant and stylish wall-mounted Water Closets. The water outlet and connection of a wall-mounted closet remain concealed, creating a more compact look. In a small bathroom, a wall-mounted Water Closet will occupy less space, making your bathroom appear larger.

Standard floor-mounted WCs are affordable and easy to install. Given their large demand, floor-mounted Water Closets are available in a number of designs, colours and styles to choose from. Since most of the components of a floor-mounted closet is visible and accessible, replacing damaged part becomes hassle free.

Now that you know the benefits of both the types, you can choose from a variety of Water Closets offered by Hindware.


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