How To Make Sanitary Ware For Kids Fun And Safe

6th July 2018
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Designing your kid’s bathroom is not child’s play. Choosing the right sanitary ware for kids is an expert’s job as kids have special needs. In fact, if a bathroom is not designed correctly, it can cause accidents and problems for your kid.


Important Factors To Kept In Mind

Expert bathroom decorators take the following factors into consideration when coming up with bathroom ideas for kids.

Jacuzzis And Bath tubs

Kids can be vulnerable to serious accidents in Jacuzzis and bath tubs. Some may even find it difficult to use them considering their height. It is often advisable to use walk-in units such as shower cubicles.

Electrical Points And Connections

It is important that all electrical points and connections are done with conduit systems. Exposed wiring may cause electric shocks.

Bathroom Doors And Locks

Special knowledge is needed in choosing doors and locks. The doors should not be very solid and they should be fitted with two-way locks that can also be opened from the outside.

Wash Basins, Soap Dishes, And Other Accessories

Wash basins , Urinals and toilet water closet in kid’s bathrooms should be as low in height as possible for easy access and usage. Soap dishes should also be easy to reach.

So, what does this mean?

A child’s bathroom shouldn’t just be colourful and lively but also keep in mind the safety of your child.




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