Introducing Aqua Pro: The Ultimate Water Saving Nozzles

14th May 2024
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Established more than six decades ago, Hindware is a legacy brand that offers a wide range of faucets, sanitary ware, and wellness products with advanced technologies, successfully meeting the needs of customers for premium high-functioning offerings. Being a leader in bath are, Hindware has always been committed to several causes, including hygiene, promoting health, and water conservation. This commitment can be seen across the brand’s entire product range.

Even today, more than 1 billion people live in areas that have a scarcity of water. There is no doubt that water conservation is the need of the hour and paying heed to the cause does not only have a good impact on the environment, but it can also help save money.

With an emphasis on the need to recognise the importance of solving water shortage issues and the sanitation crisis, Hindware has innovated several popular bathroom fixtures that add elegance to the space and even help in water conservation. These popular products by Hindware include sink faucets, water closets, and special spray nozzles for water conservation.

The Aqua Pro Series

The latest innovations by Hindware are the amazing water saving faucet nozzles, Aqua Pro series. Faucets are an integral part of any bathroom, but what one does not realise is that they also have the potential to be a solution to reduce water usage. The Aqua Pro series is a cost-effective water saving nozzle that can reduce water usage by up to 98% and even increase the efficiency of the tap. This water saving nozzle is nothing less than a revolution for water conservation.

What Is a Water Saving Nozzle?

A water saving tap nozzle is a small attachment that can be fitted at the end of a tap’s mouth thread. Also known a spray nozzle, the attachment comes in various sizes and can fit the entire range of bathroom tap designs by Hindware. Working by changing the water pressure, the nozzle works by changing the stream of water using atomisation technology, reducing water wastage. Generally, regular faucets dispense water at a rate of 12 litres per minute. But with a water saving nozzle, the tap will dispense only 0.2 litres per minute. A water saving faucet nozzle does not restrict the flow of the water and helps save money without restricting the functionality of the tap.

Atomisation Technology

Water pressure has a direct impact on the flow rate, leading to a lot of water getting wasted. For instance, while washing hands, more than 95% of the water coming out of the faucet is wasted as it bounces off the hands and splashes in the sink. Installing spray nozzles for water conservation effectively takes the water that would slip through the fingers and go down the drain, putting it to better use. To save water, the spray nozzle is designed with multiple small holes that separate the stream of water into many streams of water, allowing air to mix with the water. While increasing the water pressure, the nozzle also manages to reduce the amount of water being used.

Top Features of the Aqua Pro Series of Spray Nozzles for Water Conservation

  • Saves Water: The Aqua Pro water saving nozzle can be attached to all tap designs by Hindware. This spray nozzle changes water streams into mist, by breaking it into millions of droplets, reducing water usage by 98%. So, with the Aqua Pro water saving tap nozzle, people will be able to wash their hands and do their dishes with only a fraction of water coming out of the tap.
  • Dual-Mode Operations: Another great feature of the water saving nozzle is that it can be used in two modes. The mist mode is ample for regular tasks like washing hands and doing the dishes, but for times when you need to increase the flow to fill glasses or pots with a substantial amount of water or for any other reason, you can simply shift the small handle that comes with the water saving nozzle to the other side. Even though the water flow changes back into a stream in this mode, it still manages to save up to 85% of the water.
  • Low Maintenance: The Aqua Pro spray nozzles for water conservation have a screen to filter out debris and keep it from coming out with the water. But over time, the spray nozzle can get blocked by the debris or a build-up of calcium, limescale, and particulate matter, which can restrict water pressure. However, the spray nozzle can be easily taken out and cleaned using vinegar.
  • DIY Installation: It is not at all difficult to save water as this spray nozzle is so easy to install that you can even do it by yourself. It doesn’t take long to put in an Aqua Pro nozzle either.

How to Install an Aqua Pro Nozzle Yourself

  • First, unscrew the original aerator at the end of the tap’s spout. You may need to use a wrench if the aerator is sealed on tight. Keep the original gasket that is inside with you.
  • Use the Tom Thumb ring adapter, if needed. Put in the new water saving tap nozzle.
  • Insert the original gasket back and if needed, use an extra tom thumb gasket.
  • Screw the socket back into the tap and fix the lever handle with the lock screw facing up.
  • Finally, gently secure the lock screw.

Benefits of the Aqua Pro

  • Save both money and water with the spray nozzle. The Aqua Pro nozzle can significantly reduce the amount of water being used.
  • The nozzle’s screen can trap small particulate matter and debris, filtering it out.
  • Water coming out in one big stream tends to splash all around the sink. But when the water is divided into multiple streams and the flow rate slows down, you do not have to worry about any splashing.
  • Even in the second operation mode, the nozzle shapes the stream of water coming out and helps create a straight water stream that is evenly pressured and does not fly everywhere.
  • The faucet nozzle does not cut down the amount of water being used. Instead, it creates a buildup of high pressure within the faucet, which can be quite helpful for homes with water supplies that have low pressure.
  • There is no need to initiate expensive renovations, as the nozzle can be retrofitted onto your existing taps.
  • The raindrop effect of the atomisation of water into mist creates a soft feel for the hands while increasing the efficiency of the tap by spreading water over larger areas.
  • The Aqua Pro nozzles are designed to work efficiently in water piping stems that are fitted with pressure pump boosters as well as with gravity pressure piping systems that have lower water pressures.

Tailor water flow to fit your needs, as the Aqua Pro series by Hindware comes with design flexibility that lets you choose your water flow. There is no compromise of performance or experience, and you can even save significant amounts of water and money with the new Aqua Pro series!


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