The Perfect Bathroom Accessories Guide for Your Small Bathroom

22nd April 2024
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Large or small, traditional or modern, the bathroom is undoubtedly an integral element of every house. In the current era of urban living, apartments are getting smaller day by day, and so are their bathrooms. However, a lack of square footage doesn’t always mean that you have to compromise on comfort and style. With a little creativity and planning, you can easily take your bath area from compact to comfortable. From making the right tile selection to installing smart sanitary ware, there are endless design ideas for a small modern bathroom. Similarly, choosing the right bathroom accessories can also help you utilise the available space in the best possible way, making it clutter-free.

If you are someone who finds the limited floor space to be a barrier to your dream bathroom, here is a list of the latest bathroom accessories that you can use:

One Piece Water Closet

Gone are the days when a bulky, two-piece water closet used to be the only available option. These traditional water closets not only take up a lot of floor space but also make them look stuffy. If you’re aiming for a simple, minimalistic design for your small bathroom, a wall-hung, one-piece water closet is the best thing you can have. As the name suggests, these are concealed systems where the water unit is embedded inside the wall. These modern water closets can hide other plumbing elements such as pipes, inlets, outlets, etc., which makes them a better, more space-saving alternative.

In addition to a more sleek appearance, a one-piece closet offers a great amount of convenience as well. Since they are baseless, there is no hassle involved in cleaning. You can easily mop the area around the toilet seat.

Floating Washbasin

Similar to a wall-hung water closet, a floating washbasin is also a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms. As the name suggests, this type of washbasin is attached to the wall, which also eliminates the need for a visible, complex plumbing setup. Since there is no contact with the ground, it creates the illusion of more floor space, making the bathroom look bigger.

And, if you need some additional storage space, the area under the sink can be used for the same. From movable baskets to a wooden setup with drawers and shelves, you can choose anything to make the most of those extra inches.

Shower Enclosure

Replacing an open bath area with a shower enclosure is another efficient method of reducing the space taken up. These days, you can find sleek shower enclosures in various sizes and designs. For a small bathroom, you can choose one with a small shower tray and a tall glass panel. This will not only save a lot of space but also give the illusion of more floor space.

Hand Shower

Over the years, traditional static showerheads have slowly been replaced by detachable hand-held showers known to offer more convenience. As the name suggests, these showers come with a flexible pipe, and you can run the water in whichever direction you want. If you are looking for smart space-saving ideas for your small bathroom that can enhance the overall aesthetics, a hand shower is a great option to have. These movable showerheads come in various different designs and sizes. So, you can easily find one to suit the specific needs of your bathroom.

Body Shower

Another bathroom accessory that is becoming increasingly popular in modern bathrooms is a body shower system. From better space utilisation to improved aesthetics, these showers come with a number of benefits. A body jet shower system features multiple shower heads and body sprays, which are placed on either the walls or ceiling of the shower enclosure. So, they not only add a stylish touch to the bathroom but also enhance the overall shower experience. The best thing is that these shower heads or spray jets can be adjusted accordingly to create a customised shower experience. In short, a body shower system is one of the best bathroom accessories for your small bathroom.

Bathroom Shelves

Shelves are among the most important accessories in a bathroom, regardless of its size. They serve the important purpose of providing additional storage space. Other than keeping bathroom essentials, you can also use these shelves to keep a few décor items. Whether you’re aiming for a modern look or want to add a traditional touch, stylish and sturdy glass shelf accessories are a must-have for your bathroom. However, always make sure that you position these shelves in such a way that they are protected from any potential water splashes.

Towel Rails

This is one element of a bathroom that often gets overlooked, despite serving a very important purpose. As the name suggests, towel rails are metallic frames used to hang towels. From freestanding to wall-mounted, ladder-style to rack, there are several different options available. Other than providing a storage space for towels, they can also add a little design flair to the bathroom and make it look stylish.

Mirror Cabinet

There is no denying the fact that mirrors can instantly elevate the overall look of a bathroom, making it look spacious. Since they reflect light and create an illusion of space, this is an age-old trick used almost everywhere. But nothing can be better than using a mirror that doubles up as a storage space as well. To make your bathroom sleek and clutter-free, it is best to use a mirror cabinet. These are just like regular mirrors with an in-built vanity space. Currently, there are a large number of options available in the market for mirror cabinets. These can not only enhance the style quotient of your space but also give you a space to store bathroom essentials in a more organised way.

Designing a small bathroom may seem like a huge challenge. But actually, it gives you an opportunity to spark your creativity. You just need to zero in on the ideas suitable for your tiny bathroom. At Hindware, you can find a wide range of products that you can use if you’re short on space. So, take your pick and start your bathroom makeover now!


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