The Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Dream Bathroom Shower

30th May 2024
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The bathroom is a sanctuary, where one begins and ends the day with a shower. Thus, luxurious bathroom designs start with a shower. A well-designed bathroom with a shower can transform your daily routine into a luxurious spa-like experience. By pairing high-quality sanitary ware products with modern bathroom shower ideas, one can transform even the most ordinary spaces into a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Types of Showers

The most popular bathroom designs come with the shower space as their focal point. Therefore, the first step in designing your dream shower is understanding the various types available. From cascading waterfall showers to sleek rain showers, the options are endless. Here are four major shower types for modern bathroom ideas:

Rain Shower

A rain shower is usually attached to the ceiling and features a large shower head that delivers water in the form of tiny jet streams. Mimicking a natural downpour, rain showers offer a truly immersive experience.

Waterfall Shower

A waterfall shower is fixed to the wall and consists of small jets that give the effect of standing under a waterfall or a hot spring. When turned on, it creates a dramatic visual effect and a relaxing water flow.

Exposed Rain Shower

An exposed rain shower, popular among bathroom designs with a modern look, features a wall mixture with a hand shower that is fixed on the wall itself and is not concealed inside it.

Body Shower

A body shower has a smaller head and multiple small jets for a more targeted and invigorating experience. Many bathroom designs come with two shower heads of this kind for a spa-like experience.

Things to Consider Before Finalising Bathroom and Shower Designs


When it comes to bathroom and shower designs, space is a crucial factor. Consider bathroom shower designs in accordance with the available space. In smaller spaces, opt for corner showers or walk-in enclosures to make the bathroom look spacious without compromising on comfort. On the other hand, if the space is bigger one can even consider bathroom designs with a bathtub and shower.


Take note of how the shower will be used in a household. Whether one needs a large space for a family shower or a more compact bathroom shower design for a single user is an important factor to be considered.

Long-Term Use

A shower is a long-term installation. Thus, it is important to think about the future needs. Think of space to accommodate more members in the future and additional accessibility features that one may require such as a foldable shower bench that one may require in the years to come.


Bathroom shower designs come with varied price points, built for different budgets. Ensure that you find a perfect blend of style and functionality that is within your means.

Personal Preferences

Ultimately, one’s personal preference is the most important factor in selecting the perfect design for a bathroom shower. Explore modern bathroom shower ideas and styles like walk-in showers with glass enclosures for a contemporary look, or traditional built-in showers for a timeless appeal.

Don’t Neglect Drainage

Proper draining solutions are crucial to prevent water buildup and potential slipping accidents. Choose high-quality bathroom shower drains that ensure a safe and comfortable showering experience.


Adequate ventilation is essential to prevent mould and mustiness, especially when going for a bathroom design with a shower enclosure. Think about the size and placement of windows in the bathroom that are away from the shower to ensure privacy. Further, installing an exhaust fan or ensuring proper airflow in the bathroom will keep your shower area fresh and dry.

Latest Bathroom Shower Designs

Here are some modern bathroom shower ideas that one can incorporate:

Two-toned Tiles

One of the most popular trends in bathroom designs for shower and bathtub areas is the use of two-toned tiles. This design approach adds depth and character to any space. By combining two complementary or contrasting tile colours, one can create a striking visual effect. For instance, pairing a bold navy blue with a crisp white can make the shower area pop, while a soft pastel with a neutral can bring a calming vibe.

Glass Enclosure

A glass enclosure is another staple in modern bathroom and shower designs. These enclosures offer a sleek, minimalist look that opens up the space, making it feel larger and more airy. Opt for clear glass for a seamless look or frosted glass for a bit more privacy without sacrificing style. Glass enclosures are not just visually appealing; they are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the bathroom stays sparkling.

A Touch of Greenery

Incorporating plants into bathroom and shower designs is a trend that’s growing in popularity. A touch of greenery coupled with a rain or waterfall shower can transform a bathroom into a relaxing oasis. Plants such as ferns and snake plants thrive in the humid bathroom environment and add a natural element to the decor. Hanging planters, small pots on shelves, or a large potted plant in a corner can bring life and freshness to the space. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic appeal, but they also improve air quality.

Space Conscious Design

Space-conscious designs focus on efficiency without compromising on style. Consider built-in shelving to keep toiletries organized, or a corner shower to save floor space. Floating vanities and wall-mounted toilets are also great options to create the illusion of more room. For bathroom designs with tub and shower, one installs a rain shower overhead the bathtub to save space. By cleverly utilizing every inch of space, you can make even the smallest bathroom feel open and inviting.

Quality Curtains

If glass enclosures are not an option, then consider high-quality shower curtains with a patterned or textured design. A well-chosen shower curtain can add character to the bathroom. Look for curtains made from high-quality materials like fungus-resistant polyester or natural linen for durability and easy maintenance. Patterns like geometrics, floral, or even bold solids can significantly influence the overall look of your bathroom, making it an interesting design element.

Monochromatic Look

For those who favour a simpler and cohesive design, a monochromatic look in the bathroom and shower area is a perfect choice. This style involves using varying shades of a single colour to create a sophisticated and harmonious space. Shades of grey, white, or even black can be layered through tiles, paint, and accessories. This approach creates a chic and elegant bathroom, resulting in a visually pleasing and uncluttered appearance.

With Hindware and its extensive range of high-quality showerheads, one can easily create a space that has a personal touch and caters to every need. Whether one chooses bold colours, classic monochrome, or a touch of spa-like luxury, Hindware has something to inspire every taste.


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