Hindware Bathroom Visualizer – Design your dream bathspace in 3D

Homes wouldn’t be complete without bathrooms. It is the area of your abode where you de-stress after a long day at work or visit in the morning to kick-start your day. However, when it comes to bathroom decor, many homeowners find it daunting to choose suitable interiors that reflect their exquisite taste and preferences.

From choosing quality fixtures and accessories to exotic themes among plenty of appealing choices, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. We are often perplexed by the thought of what our bath space will look like after the final touch. Whether or not the accessories that we choose will go with the overall ambience of the space, not to mention, this makes the purchasing decision more complicated. 

Well, what if we tell you, that you can envision the look of your comfort station with a realistic visualization? Hindware has launched Bathroom Visualizer Functionality which allows its customers to become more decisive about what they want and don’t want in their bathrooms. It helps the user to mix and match different products, designs, and layouts to suit their preferences. 

Here’s how this tool is a game-changer for homeowners who are on a hunt to enhance the aesthetics of their bath spaces:

  • Experimenting with different options

When you decide to upgrade your bath space, you need to keep tabs on showers, water closets, washbasins, mirrors, closet walls, and whatnot. With this tool, you can explore different products and customise the design in 3D as per your needs to get a picture of how it will look in a realistic interior space. You can experiment with various colour themes, different designs of fixtures, and multiple flooring options.

  • Saving time and money

Imagine you get the remodelling work started, but your fixtures and accessories don’t give you the look of your dream bath space and fail to meet up to your expectations. Making changes to the executed design now is both costly and time-consuming. This is where visualizing your bathroom using 3D technology comes in handy. The Hindware bathroom visualizer provides you with the opportunity to see how the different elements of the design will look together. With this, you can easily compare whether the design matches your expectations.

  • Making informed decisions

Visualization before installation helps you stay on track towards creating a functional yet pleasing private space. You might have a clear picture in mind of how you want your bathroom to look, but implementing this design practically with the right accessories is not as easy as it sounds. Deciding which colour theme will complement which style of fixture is challenging. Therefore, you can try and experiment with elements as you want to get the expected glimpse of design.

  • Easy-to-use

Most of all, using this feature is super convenient. You can scroll through product categories and customise the design to your liking with a click. It allows you to make variations with shower designs, faucets, washbasins, water closet walls, and much more. 

The choice of bathroom design depends on the person’s choices and opinions. For some, a minimalist design would be a go-to option, whereas others might want to create a spa-like ambience to spend leisure time. Hindware helps you actualize your ideal bath space with luxury bathroom products to make it look extraordinary, along with a tool to virtually experiment with diverse design themes. Try our bathroom visualizer to experience a realistic design simulation of your dream bathroom. 

Choosing the Right Faucets for Your Bathroom


Faucets happen to be the essential installation that can transform the entire look and feel of your bathroom. The faucets are the crowns for your bathroom that do not just bring about utility but also style and grandeur to your space.

Almost any space in your home is an extension of your persona. So you must design it in a way that will truly reflect your sense of aesthetics. 

Now bathrooms are the rooms in the house that demand the most hygiene and sanitization to ensure that they remain germ-free. And studies have shown that faucets happen to be the most contaminated areas of the restroom. 

Under such circumstances, contactless bathroom faucets can also prove to be extremely beneficial. 

To help you choose better, here are some of the faucet options for your bathroom. 

Types of Faucets 

Here are the major types of faucets that you can choose from. 

  • Angular Stop Cock – The Angular Stop Cock permits the water to flow from a single point control system to all outlets offering a regulated flow of water in this case. The faucet maintains its flawless finish by robotic electroplating. The stopcock and spindle size of the BSP work well with all the mixers, especially in basins. You can also choose from our exclusive collection here. 
  • Bib Cock – The spout is crafted for ensuring minimal water wastage with fewer splashes or spills. The nozzle is bent down and the water flows through the inlet. The spindle size is most apt for dishwashers or washing machines. Your bathroom is bound to look flawless and fabulous with this. You can get multiple bib cock options through our Essence Neo, Skipper, Element and Immacula and Quadra range. 
  • Bath Spout – This one can be used as a single-outlet valve or as two or three valves that allow the water to flow into the tube. The single or multi-valve outlet assists in controlling the flow. Here you can choose from a plethora of options like Fluid, Amazon, Barrel Neo. Check out our collection of faucets and go with what you like the most. 
  • Single Lever Basin Mixer – The single lever of these bathroom faucets controls the cold and hot water supply that works with hand showers, head showers and basins. Move the lever down to close and up to open the tap. To change the temperature of the water you have to move the lever from right to left or vice versa. Give your washroom an ethereal look with great shine and flawless casting of these faucets. You can explore our range to get the perfect match for your bathroom.
  • Divertor – This one lets you control the direction of water flow. The water can be diverted to an added hand shower to the overhead shower through a shower or bath diverter/mixer. The seamless finish transforms your bathroom décor into a whole new level. Hindware’s Quadra, Cora, Edge and Amazon offer multiple options for the same. 

According to the décor, ambiance and necessity of your washroom, you can choose the type of faucets that will be most suitable and will cater to your aesthetic taste and utility requirements. 

The Next Big Thing In Bathtub Faucets

After a long day of work and hectic schedule, there nothing like unwinding and soaking yourself in a bathtub filled with warm water bubbles. Your bathtub faucet proves to be an important element to define your bathing area that not only looks aesthetic but also complete your bathing routine with ease.

Bathtub faucets have gone beyond functional with designs and styles to fit every bathtub model, theme and décor. Before you hit the showroom floor to shop for the latest bathtub faucet, understand the options and functionality, installation, styles, finishes and countless combinations that you get to choose from.

Bathtub faucets adds sophistication to your bathroom along with your bathtub and also becomes a part of its centerpiece. There are hundreds of bath faucets options available with a common function that they are all designed to fill the tub. They all come with negligible difference in the water flow rates. The main difference lie in their aesthetics and style. We’ve explored the latest faucets and considerations to ensure your bath faucet features design and functionality you prefer.

Types of Bathtub Faucets:
The style of your bathtub faucet helps to support your bathrooms overall look and feel. Your choice of faucet will largely depend on your bathtub type, style and budget. The basic options for bathtub faucets are:

  • Wall-Mount Faucet
  • Deck Mount Bathtub Faucet
  • Roman Bathtub Faucet
  • Freestanding Bathtub Faucet

Wall-Mount Bathtub Faucet
This is the most common and widely used type of faucet generally seen in drop-in bathtubs and shower combinations. Wall-mount bath faucets save space and are affordable. The plumbing and installation process become easier as well. They are again divided into several types and models. If you are looking for an array of options, check out the latest and hi-tech range of bathtub faucets from Hindware.

Deck-Mount Bathtub Faucet
A deck-mount bathtub faucet possesses a great aesthetic appeal as it sits on the deck of your bathtub, making it a great bathtub fixture for drop-in and under mount bathtubs. It is best suited for tubs with no shower and broad rim as it occupies space to be fitted on the deck of the tub. The latest models of deck-mount bathtub faucets include hand sprayers, allowing you to easily rinse away soap and shampoo.

Roman Bathtub Faucet
Roman bathtub faucets are designed to evoke the luxury of traditional Roman baths. They are typically deck-mounted fixtures with an arched spout. Roman faucets are very versatile as they come in freestanding, wall-mounted and deck-mounted styles.

Freestanding Bathtub Faucet
A freestanding bathtub defines luxury and serves as a masterpiece in your bathroom. They typically feature claw feet and are gilded with gold and other decorative details. Since free standing tubs stand alone without any support of the wall, they require floor-mount faucets. Free standing bathtub faucets are the most expensive types of faucets, fluid bathroom faucets as the latest addition, with exposed plumbing feature from the floor to the spout.

As you shop for the faucets, you need to keep in mind the type of the bathtub and the style or theme of your bathroom. Check out the latest collection of bathtub faucets at Hindware.