Pearl Touch-Free Water Closet


Get in Touch with the Future of Hygiene with Hindware’s Touchfree Flushing Technology.
Hindware is proud to launch its Touch Free Flushing Technology. A revolutionary new way that lets you flush with a simple wave of the hand. The Touch Free Flushing Technology ensures that your bathroom stays completely germ and bacteria-free.

Also Available In Tozzo Flora Element

  • Catalogue No. 92551
  • Brand
  • Size 70 × 38 × 73 cm
  • Warranty 10 Years
  • Flushing 6 L (litre)

*Price may vary from your state and product colour. Contact your nearest dealer for exact price.


Completely Hygienic

A clean and smooth design with touchfree flushing.

Slow Falling Seat Cover

Touchfree flushing ensures better hygiene and cleanliness.

Manual Operation

Comes with PP soft close seat cover.


Comes with alternate option of manual flushing.

Touch-Free Water Closet

Go Touch-Free, Stay Safe Hindware Italian Collection

Are you also confused whether our touch-free range is thoughtful or beautiful? Well, it's both. Equipped with sensor-based technology, our Italian Collection is designed with a thoughtful purpose of giving you a germ-free bathroom experience and its sleek design is so beautiful that enhances the look and feel of your bath space. So, when are you bringing our touch-free range home?

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