When it comes to Nature, we are all poets. So why not incorporate some of its essence into your bathroom. “Fleur de Palm” not only gives you the sensation of palm leaves around you, but also of twilight.


Redefine your bath space with strokes of luxury and feathers of finesse. Introducing “Plush Plumes” to inspire you for a luxurious bathing experience. With a brilliant colour palette of subtle blues and plush gold, transform your bathroom into a space of your dreams.


Florals never go out of style. When they are infused in your bath space, they sway a refreshing vibe. A perfect blend of elegance and nature-inspired designs, ‘The Blossoming Fleur’ expresses your love for nature like no other. From a soothing color palette to florals draping the wall, everything reflects a sense of calm..


From Indoor plants to green walls, living walls in bathrooms are becoming a huge trend nowadays. Check out the luxurious design for your morning room.


A Journey to the source

Go deep into the earth with Dark Quarry. Inspired by the rugged rawness in nature this space is crafted to be your lair. This seemingly other worldly landscape envelopes you, provoking you to brace the untamed and challenge the status quo.


Everything here is chosen to merge with everything and become one purest form of luxury. It’s your door to the royal world, where you will experience the grandeur to its maximum.


Like a good thought follows a good thought, like happiness blends with more happiness, like a golden painting on a white canvas, like grandeur at its maximum, like a dream. Like this place.


A measure of success

Celebrate your success with Ornamental Joy. Recreate the charm and elegance of a French Chateau, this space is an ode to the Neo -Rococo period with a twist of pristine thin lines and sleek design to help you revel as on your look ahead to a day of victory or look back on a past filled with glory.


Discover true elegance

Go back in time with Roman Holiday. Crafted to celebrate the greatness of the past, this space is an ode to timelessness. This square and curvy design promises to bring back exquisite craftsmanship that has stood the test of time, Roman Holiday will always inspire to you to greater heights as you revel in the true meaning of beauty.