Transform your small bathroom to a spacious one by choosing perfect tiles, colours, fittings, and lighting. Checkout the theme which is in sync with your fittings and the fixtures ensure that your bath space is not just beautiful but also thoughtful.


Rather a space, here you get a statement crafted in a paradox. In a chaotic world, it stands still with its tranquil light and vibe. Let its muted lighting and softened visual edges cast a spell of euphoria on you.


A journey of inspiration

Walk into an ode to the seamless meeting of east and west with Turkish Diaries. The wonder and elegance of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul, this space will be both a curvaceous delight and a haven from the outside world.


Underline your presence with Bohemian Wonder. Designed to complement those with an inimitable style which is all their own, this space takes its cues from the bohemian utopia of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Celebrate who you are with Modern Muse Bathroom Theme. Inspired by your unmatchable duality of strength and confidence, this space is a resplendent cornucopia of glistening linear forms to create an overtly feminine haven which always welcomes you.


Celebrate history with a modern twist

Discover your very own break from the world with Sanguine Space with this bathroom theme for bathroom renovation and remodeling. Walk into an explosion of color that’s inspired by the vibrant homes of Burano in Italy. Revel in a space that instantly wraps you in an aura of warmth and calm that you so need complemented by a geometrical square cut design.