Live Life In Full Bloom

Discover the joys of spring with Cool Daffodils. Relive the most colourful time of the year with a design that is immaculately curvaceous.


Your calm in the storm

Pamper yourself with the calm serenity of Urban Tree. Designed to serve as your anchor in the hustle and bustle of this fast paced world, this space is a celebration of the timelessness of nature.


Boundaries bind your thoughts. Now is the time to set them free. A bathroom space, with a wall of glass overlooking the sky, lets your thoughts soar high. Make your story come out, be told, and be remembered. Make it an unbound tale.


A celebration of nomadic style, infused with Mediterranean senses. A grand space complimented by Kilims and decorative wall lamps to soothe your senses. Let the good vibes take over.


Warm luxury in the lap of mother nature

Rediscover the joys of nature with Verdant Lush bathroom theme. Remember the simple joys of walking through a lush forest, the smell of flowers, the feel of grass under your feet. Bring in the outdoors to create a private heaven to unwind. Sun kissed, rejuvenated and completely rooted with the design that is clean, sleek & slim.


Created for fun

Relive the joys of the water park with Aquatic Playground Bathroom theme. Get transported to a time of joy from your childhood and revel in lovely shades of blue . Revel in a playful rain shower experience in a space replete with quadrilateral lines and smooth angles guaranteed to make every bath a time of fun.