Hues Colored Faucets | Rose Gold, Gold & Chrome Black

Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or are looking for ways to amp up your bathroom decor, choosing the right faucets to complement the interior can make a big difference. Faucets can truly transform the aesthetics of your bath space. To give your bathroom a premium feel, our Hindware experts have designed the Hues Coloured Italian Faucet collection. This vibrant and stylish range of faucets has edgy designs and a durable finish that is perfect to blend with the interiors of modern bath spaces. Undoubtedly, faucets are the functional elements of the bathroom, but they are also decorative accessory that uplifts the look of your comfort station. Keeping this in mind, our exquisite faucet collection strikes a balance between sophisticated and modern-looking decor solutions. These are a great choice for homeowners to reflect their taste and leave a long-lasting impression on their guests.

What makes hues-colored faucets different from others?

The Italian collection of taps is the epitome of quality and elegance. It entails dazzling colour options that allow the users to experience the ultimate feeling of living a quality life. Not only do they have an enticing visual appeal, but they are also easy to use and install. Here are the available colour tones that are ready to add a touch of glamour to your bath space:
  • Rose gold
Rose-gold Colour Me Gorgeous faucets present a flawless texture, perfect for adding a style quotient to any bath space.
  • Gold
Gold Colour Me Fabulous faucets are a choice of homeowners that emphasise the grandeur of bathroom interiors and want to spell class.
  • Chrome black
Chrome-black Colour Me Marvellous faucets are inspired by the magnificent and bold characteristics of black colour.

Faucets with unmatched Durability

With Hindware, you do not have to worry about the long-lasting finish and standard quality. The hues-faucets are crafted by using the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process. The process is adopted to ensure a perfect finish that makes our faucets amazingly durable. Precisely, PVD is a method that involves vaporising a substance and then gently depositing it (through a vacuum or plasma environment) onto another material. An extra layer will be produced by the vapour’s steady and uniform deposition. Not just this, but Hindware takes care of the quality and efficiency of its products through rigorous testing procedures. Likewise, stringent quality checks are performed to ensure an unmatched experience for its customers. These tests include:
  • Salt spray test– to prevent corrosion and adverse effects of rusting
  • Flow rate test– to ensure durability irrespective of water pressure
  • Leakage test– to ensure faucets do not leak even after the usage for a long period
  • Endurance test– to test the strength of a strong faucet
  • Adhesion test– to ensure effective PVD coating for enduring sheen
  • Porosity test– to make certain PVD coating is done perfectly
Our faucets will make a decorative statement in your bathroom by giving it a luxurious appeal. Thus, if you are looking for something that is affluent yet functional, hues-coloured faucets are guaranteed to suit your style and meet quality expectations.

Hindware Easy Clean | Self-cleaning smart washbasin

When it comes to bathroom decor, we generally pay attention to wall designs, themes, floor tiles, paint color combinations, and lighting ideas. However, here we tend to overlook functional elements and accessories that can be considered the focal point in bath spaces, such as wash basins. Washbasins are integral and functional parts of the bathroom used to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, not in just bathrooms, but they are sometimes integrated into the dining room of the house. Thus, it goes without saying that excellent wash basin designs with a calming colour scheme will affect the aesthetic coherence of the space. However, with washbasins, choosing the right colour and design alone is not enough to make a difference in the overall appearance and reflect modernity. For instance, maintaining the cleanliness and sheen of the washbasins as they are used over time can be a daunting task. The prolonged usage of washbasins can lead to the build-up of stains, marks, etc., which degrades the startling appearance of the space and accessories. Not just this, but it also compromises the health and hygiene of the people using the wash basin. Considering the importance of sanitation, Hindware introduces a range of Easy-Clean over-the-counter washbasins. These are self-cleaning wash basins that are built using smart technology. Their elegant designs, which are balanced with minimalist styles, can be a true addition to your hand-washing space, reflecting grandeur.

What exactly do we mean by easy clean washbasins?

By Easy-Clean washbasins, we refer to the integration of breakthrough technology that contributes to maintaining a hygienic hand washing experience. These wash basins self-clean through a flushing motion post-each wash. Their auto-clean function encourages a high level of space hygiene, whether inside a bathroom or dining room.   This means you can stay free from the hassles of cleaning the washbasins every time you use them. In other words, this helps to save time and effort while bringing elegance and panache to a contemporary bath space. With effortless cleaning and convenience to use, these basins are the best choice for people who equally pay attention to the design as well as to the maintenance requirements. Likewise, they can be the right option for commercial settings where frequent cleaning of bathroom fittings is a must to ensure hygiene and safety.

Salient features of easy clean washbasins

Offering exemplary designs and unparalleled quality, the Italian collection of Hindware’s  Easy-Clean over-the-counter wash basins are characterized by the following advantages:
  • Showcases modern designs
  • Ensures complete hygiene and cleanliness
  • Features pop-up waste coupling
  • Self-clean flow detector function
  • Comes with a post-cleanse flush
Moreover, these washbasins are stylish and unique in terms of design as well as the latest technology for effortless cleaning. In particular, for homeowners that are hygiene-conscious, choosing the Easy- Clean over-the-counter category is the perfect choice for them. Therefore, you can introduce a smart bathroom segment that is focused on performance-led solutions with these easy-to-clean washbasins. They will not only enable a hygienic hand-washing platform but also preserve the long-lasting shine and dazzling appearance of wash basins. Rest assured that you will experience a luxurious feeling every time you use it.

Hindware shower enclosures | Improve the look of your bathroom

The bath space in your home is the place where you seek solace and take some leisure time from the daily hustle and bustle. In fact, many homeowners give their bathrooms the same level of care as other spaces in their house to spend relaxing self-care time. Therefore, they pay special attention to bathroom decor essentials. From integrating an artistic theme to choosing technology-driven sanitaryware, one can completely change the look and feel of their bath space. However, it might seem overwhelming and time-consuming to decide the layout and choose decor ideas that amplify the bathroom aesthetics. Fortunately, there are some simple alterations that can help you spruce up your bathroom interiors, such as incorporating an enticing shower enclosure. They create a distinctive boundary inside your bathroom to give you an isolated space to bathe. Furthermore, shower enclosures and cubicles can help to enrich your bathing experience by adding a touch of glam to the space. Besides, there are several other reasons to consider installing a shower enclosure while revamping your bathroom decor. Let’s have a look at them: Redefines style statement Shower enclosures are generally made up of structural glass that truly magnifies the decor of the space. You can choose from a variety of options, such as frosted glass, tinted glass, clear glass, and much more. The versatility of glass cubicles can enhance the aesthetics and sophistication of bath spaces that leave a long-lasting impression on your guests too. Furthermore, shower cubicles add grandeur to the space, making it look more organised by separating the dry and wet zones in your bathroom. Space-friendly Giving your bath space a modern and classy look, shower enclosures also serve as decor essentials that make your space look clutter-free. Particularly in confined spaces, using glass shower cubicles creates the illusion of a larger space, making your bathroom appear bigger. The best part is that they can be customized to meet the tailored requirements irrespective of the size, shape, and style of the bathroom. Ensure a hygienic space These elegant add-ons to your bathroom interiors are also known to create a hygienic bath space by preventing microorganisms from thriving. This is because the glass enclosures have a non-porous surface. Moreover, we all might agree that entering a wet bathroom during the daytime does not give a pleasant feeling. With the help of shower enclosures, you can separate the bathing area and prevent water from seeping outside onto the entire bathroom floor. Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, glass enclosures are also easy to maintain and incredibly durable, making them a worthwhile investment in bath decor essentials. They are undoubtedly a sustainable choice that can elevate the appeal of your bathroom from basic to luxurious. Therefore, whether you want to jazz up your bath space with a subtle look or create a restful aura, you can take your pick from the myriad shower enclosure designs. Moreover, you can get a one-of-a-kind look by choosing to customize the enclosure to complement your theme and bathroom layout.

Tips to create a spa retreat in your bathroom

Going for a soothing spa session is the best way to melt away the stress and embrace tranquility. This is because the look and feel of spa stations are carefully designed to leave a calming and charismatic impression that helps to rejuvenate your mind and body. However, do you know that it is possible to experience the same soothing vibe at home without spending a fortune? Yes, you can easily create a scrumptious spa-like ambience in your bath space with a few simple tweaks to its decor and accessories. This includes choosing superior-quality accessories for interiors, adding planters for an earthy feel, integrating bathroom decor themes, and much more. Thus, whether you want to forget your woes for a while or want to unwind from work exhaustion, here are some tips that will help you transform your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like destination. Let’s begin! Upgrading the shower area The first thing, to begin with, is to enhance the showering experience in your bathroom. For this, you can start by adding a spa-style bathtub or installing a sleek and stylish rain-style shower for a sensational experience. For instance, if your bathroom is spacious enough, accommodating a deluxe bathtub won’t be a challenge. But, if you have a confined space, you can choose to integrate shower enclosures in your bathroom with an LED shower to add class. Integrating themes and appealing fixtures To spell class and amplify the look of every nook and corner of your bath space, unique bathroom themes can be your go-to option. From creating a spa-like aura through the exquisite themes to adding subtle views with minimalistic ones, you can highlight the aesthetics of the bathroom. Not to mention, bathroom fixtures or accessories can also add charm to your private space, making it look luxurious, like a spa. For instance, using stylish washbasins, contemporary sensor faucets, soap holders, towel shelves, etc., is worth considering to enhance the overall experience. Introducing the touch of nature Adding natural greens is a great way to create a buoyant and dynamic atmosphere in your private space. In fact, nature-inspired bathroom themes are becoming a trend nowadays. They accentuate the interiors and add a soft look to the space. You can even choose potted plants, but make sure to pick the ones that can thrive in a moist environment. For example, you can go for plants like ferns, aloe vera, bamboo, spiders, etc. On top of that, you can elevate the decor and make it more exotic by adding hanging plants near the window or splurging on a plant wall. Adding a calming aroma The most fascinating thing about spa rooms is the pacifying aroma that instantly helps to relax and decompress. To replicate the same in your bath space, you can use simple additions like scented candles, essential oils, diffusers, and potpourri. In addition, there are a variety of bathroom scents and fragrances available to suit your taste and preferences, such as lavender, rose, vanilla, etc. They can be really helpful in transforming the bath space into a calming oasis. Hopefully, these tips will help you to re-create a blissful atmosphere in your bathroom for you to detox and de-stress every day, just like in spas. Apart from this, do not forget to create a clutter-free space and make your bathroom look clean and organized by introducing fancy storage shelves and cabinets. Moreover, for upscaling your comfort station, invest in premium bathroom products and rest assured of quality and durability.

When You Should Choose a Counter Top Wash Basin?

Bathrooms are no more a room of necessity used only for the natural calls and bathing. In the modern times, designers have dedicated a lot of research and innovation to bring out the attractive, modern and stylistic solutions that arouse curiosity and interest. Modern bathrooms are made functional, energy-saving, aesthetic and sleek; all thanks to the innovations that we witness in technology from time to time.

As you enter the bathroom, the first thing you come across that also defines the style of your bathroom is the wash basin. The Wash basin is the focal point of the bathroom that needs attention. That is the reason why designers curate the wash basins the first thing while deciding upon the theme of the bathroom.

Choosing the sink is the first step taken while designing a bath space as it sets the tone of your bathroom. Although, choosing a sink is not a cakewalk. It needs a lot of variables to be taken into consideration like functionality, space, and shape. Several types of wash basins are used for different functionalities and spaces available in your bathroom. Here we will discuss the most recent and widely used basin called Countertop Wash Basin.

Countertop Wash Basins
These type of sinks are self-rimmed and drop-ins that easily fits into the countertop or are installed over the counter. Countertop washbasins have become an integral part of modern bathrooms in homes and public places. Countertop washbasins come in various shapes and designs with a great aesthetic appeal that never goes wrong on the decorative front.

When should you choose a countertop wash basin?
Countertops are very much in vogue irrespective of the size of your bathroom. You should definitely go for countertop wash basins:

  • If your washbasin is the focal point of your bathroom
  • If aesthetic appeal if important to you
  • If you have bathroom space more than necessary
  • If you have multiple users of the bathroom
  • If you do not want to dig holes for fitting fixtures in the wall

Advantages of Counter top wash basins over traditional wash basins:

  • Countertop wash basins are available and various shapes, styles and colors
  • They can be fitted over any counter top material
  • They are very easy to install
  • They have a great face value and aesthetic appeal

Types of Counter top Wash Basins
Here are the most widely used wash basin that you get over the counter or you can buy wash basins online:

Oval Counter top: These basins define luxury and gives a minimalistic look to your bathroom. They effectively create a spa-like bathroom feel.

Round Counter top: Round counter top basins give a fuller look and a third dimension to your bathroom. They speak opulence and extravagance.

Rectangular counter top: they are well fitted in the small bathrooms as well as larger ones. They are sleek and gives a minimalistic look.