Choosing The Best Shower Heads

When it comes to bathroom makeover, the options are endless. Just by replacing few bathroom fixtures with the new ones, you can give a completely new and modern look and feel to your most personal space.

Gone are the days when the bathroom shower heads were seen as a mere utility fixture. Today’s spigots speak elegance, class and aesthetics. From sleek handheld units to adjustable sprays to stand-up spas, the bathroom showers online have begun to rain a torrent of tantalizing options.

Whether you’re looking for a basic fix to be used for water inlet or a blissful hydrotherapy experience, the first step in selecting your perfect fixture is finding out where to buy bath showers online and offline.

There are a pool of shower head varieties available in the market. Determine the type of shower that serves your purpose from the various kinds available. Hindware brings to you an array of showers and shower heads to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. If you aren’t sure which shower or shower head suits best for your bathroom, you could always ask the sales representative at Hindware to help you out by providing him with the details of your bathroom needs and look.

Here are a few types of shower heads to choose from:

  • Standard Wall-Mount Shower Heads: If you are a person loving a simple and elegant look and do not wish to add a fancy element to your bathroom, or if you are adhering to a strict budget for your bathroom upgradation, then a simple wall-mounted shower head is an ideal option of you. The installation of a new wall-mounted shower head is as simple as unscrewing the old shower head and replacing it with the new one. It’s easy, hassle-free, and DIY. Hindware’s standard wall-mounted shower heads typically come with extra features and work with existing plumbing.
  • Hand-Held Shower Heads: As it is said, necessity is a birth of invention, all thanks to the stationary nature of wall-mounted showers that we get to witness the birth of hand-held showers. Hand-held showers offer flexibility of usage. It is used to perform multiple functions like bathing kids, and pets, washing hair conveniently, rinsing shower enclosures, and much more. They are mounted on a wall and come with multiple functions like, Hindware’s multi flow hand shower is brass chrome plated and provides multiple spray settings. Hindware’s hand-held showers work with existing plumbing and as best suited for family bathrooms. They can be mounted on sliding bars to adjust the height of the shower. They can also be used in combination with standard shower heads.
  • Ceiling-Mounted Showers or Rain Showers: Ceiling-mounted shower heads, as the name suggests, are fixed on the ceiling, just over your head to give you an enjoyable drenching experience. They are well-known as rain showers as they give the experience of bathing in rain. They are either suspended from the ceiling via pendant or can be flushed to the ceiling. Unlike wall-mounted basic showers, they require some plumbing upgrades. Hindware are the designers of elegant and exquisite rain showers like ultrathin square SS rain shower to enhance the look and class of your bathroom. Rain showers are a great option for bathrooms with low ceiling height.

When You Should Choose a Counter Top Wash Basin?

Bathrooms are no more a room of necessity used only for the natural calls and bathing. In the modern times, designers have dedicated a lot of research and innovation to bring out the attractive, modern and stylistic solutions that arouse curiosity and interest. Modern bathrooms are made functional, energy-saving, aesthetic and sleek; all thanks to the innovations that we witness in technology from time to time.

As you enter the bathroom, the first thing you come across that also defines the style of your bathroom is the wash basin. The Wash basin is the focal point of the bathroom that needs attention. That is the reason why designers curate the wash basins the first thing while deciding upon the theme of the bathroom.

Choosing the sink is the first step taken while designing a bath space as it sets the tone of your bathroom. Although, choosing a sink is not a cakewalk. It needs a lot of variables to be taken into consideration like functionality, space, and shape. Several types of wash basins are used for different functionalities and spaces available in your bathroom. Here we will discuss the most recent and widely used basin called Countertop Wash Basin.

Countertop Wash Basins
These type of sinks are self-rimmed and drop-ins that easily fits into the countertop or are installed over the counter. Countertop washbasins have become an integral part of modern bathrooms in homes and public places. Countertop washbasins come in various shapes and designs with a great aesthetic appeal that never goes wrong on the decorative front.

When should you choose a countertop wash basin?
Countertops are very much in vogue irrespective of the size of your bathroom. You should definitely go for countertop wash basins:

  • If your washbasin is the focal point of your bathroom
  • If aesthetic appeal if important to you
  • If you have bathroom space more than necessary
  • If you have multiple users of the bathroom
  • If you do not want to dig holes for fitting fixtures in the wall

Advantages of Counter top wash basins over traditional wash basins:

  • Countertop wash basins are available and various shapes, styles and colors
  • They can be fitted over any counter top material
  • They are very easy to install
  • They have a great face value and aesthetic appeal

Types of Counter top Wash Basins
Here are the most widely used wash basin that you get over the counter or you can buy wash basins online:

Oval Counter top: These basins define luxury and gives a minimalistic look to your bathroom. They effectively create a spa-like bathroom feel.

Round Counter top: Round counter top basins give a fuller look and a third dimension to your bathroom. They speak opulence and extravagance.

Rectangular counter top: they are well fitted in the small bathrooms as well as larger ones. They are sleek and gives a minimalistic look.

How Far Should a Toilet Drain Be From The Wall?

Good bathroom designs are the ones that allow every family member to access each fixture easily. Specific building codes define the spaces between each adjacent fixture and between fixtures and walls. The blueprints are layout defining the standard measurements of each fixture so that the bathroom, whether big or small, looks proportionate.

The difficulty arises if your bathroom is small and you do not want it to look crowdy. In such a case, you need to make smart choices while choosing your bathroom accessories and fixtures. Finding a toilet, sink or tub that requires less space while adhering to all the standard measurements of the fixtures from the wall can do the trick. While designing or renovating a bathroom, the main fixture is complicated and needs to be considered in the water closet.

The main question is how far should a toilet drain be from the wall for a wall-mounted water closet.
Let us discuss some standard measurements that need to be considered for installing a water closet in the bathroom.

The rough-in measurement varies according to the style of the toilet. The distance of the toilet drain from the wall for wall-hung toilets can be between 10 to 14 inches roughly.

Wall-mounted Toilets
While installing a new water closet or replacing an old with a new one, keep in mind the shape of the seat, the tank design, the type of the closet, etc. to determine how much space you need to leave for the drain from the wall. The rough-in distance in the newer homes from the wall to the center of the toilet drain is 12-inch, while, older homes have a distance of anything between 10- or 14 inches. A wall-mounted toilet also needs a 10 inch thick wall to accommodate the flushing system.

Wall-mounted commodes have become a popular option in Indian bathrooms as they hang above the floor and thus the floor and the bathroom becomes easy to clean and maintain. The flushing mechanism is also concealed in the wall which saves the bathroom space. Wall-mounted closets are best preferred when you have a limited space in your bathroom, yet you want a spacious look for your tiny bathroom. Hindware homes wall mounted closets are engineered to reduce clutter and create ample space for movement. Minimalistic in approach, they elegantly compliment the environment they are placed in. It has combination of functionality and comfort. Wall hung closet also comes with slow falling seat cover. You can also shop for Hindware homes wall-mounted closets online.

Round or Elongated style?
Though elongated water closets are considered more comfortable, they take up more space as compared to round water closets. Elongated closets take around 29 to 31 inches of your bathroom space from the wall while round closets are compact and fit within 25 to 28 inches. Usually smaller bathrooms have toilets right opposite to the bathroom door, it is feasible to select Hindware SPLENDOR NEO wall-mounted closet to make your bathroom look spacious.