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Manufacturing Expertise

Our manufacturing facilities have constantly focused on new product development, improved manufacturing processes, and wastage reduction along with the better input-output ratio. These aspects have turned us into market and segment leaders, and Hindware Limited into one of India's largest manufacturer of sanitaryware and faucets.

Manufacturing Capacities (Annual)

Hindware limited has been recognized for the use of water efficient technologies and a range of futuristic, green building sanitaryware products. The tremendous involvement in sustainable and water efficient practices through constant innovation and manufacturing expertise has also been recognized by various industry bodies.



Bahadurgarh (Haryana)

2 million pieces

Bibinagar (Telangana)

2.2 million pieces



Kaharani (Rajasthan)

3.7 million pieces

Water conservation and recycling of process waste

In our sanitaryware plants, rainwater harvesting and other water management systems are employed. 100% of the treated wastewater is used for gardening and other outdoor purposes. The wastewater is treated through an effluent treatment plant (ETP) and an STP at our sanitaryware plants.

The faucet manufacturing plant at Kaharani holds a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) status besides having advanced water and air treatment facilities such as an ETP, metal recovery filtration and multi-effect evaporator, among others. It also has three-stage RO units to recover more than 90% of process waste water which is reused in the manufacturing processes.

Being energy efficient with Solar-powered rooftops

Keeping in-line with our green initiatives, Hindware limited has installed Solar roof-tops at BPD manufacturing plants like Bahadurgarh, Kaharani, Sangareddy, and Bibinagar, Each of these plants helps us realize our goal to be planet-friendly, as well as meet our business objectives. This has been made possible by various energy saving efforts, such as the adoption of 90% of motors that are equipped with IE3 efficiency class rating.

Water Saving Products

Our water closets and faucets are not only stylish but also efficient in water usage. Our water saving products have received the green nod and accreditation form IGBC & Green pro and a 4 star GRIHA rating. Our vortex technology in water closets saves more than 26-39% of water, ensuring water conservation as well as planet friendliness. On the other hand, our faucets are fitted with water-saving aerators that have a unique PCA DC technology which guarantees a steady supply of water. Additionally, our urinals for commercial usage are fitted with Aquafree (Waterless) pioneering technology which is both cost effective and planet friendly.


As an organization, Hindware Limited is driven by innovation and high customer service. We provide our customers with products backed by research and are known for our quality and designs. Customer satisfaction, product innovation and quality control are the three pillars of brilliance on which Hindware Limited is built. We don’t just want satisfied customers but customers who become our brand ambassadors for life.

Hindware Limited the home of iconic brand “Hindware” has a versatile range of best-in-class bathware & kitchen products and also houses ‘TRUFLO by Hindware’, plastic pipes and fittings business. The company recently forayed into the premium and super-premium tiles with the brand “Hindware Italian Tiles”.


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