Hindware Easy Clean | Self-cleaning smart washbasin

22nd December 2022
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When it comes to bathroom decor, we generally pay attention to wall designs, themes, floor tiles, paint color combinations, and lighting ideas. However, here we tend to overlook functional elements and accessories that can be considered the focal point in bath spaces, such as wash basins. Washbasins are integral and functional parts of the bathroom used to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. In fact, not in just bathrooms, but they are sometimes integrated into the dining room of the house. Thus, it goes without saying that excellent wash basin designs with a calming colour scheme will affect the aesthetic coherence of the space. However, with washbasins, choosing the right colour and design alone is not enough to make a difference in the overall appearance and reflect modernity. For instance, maintaining the cleanliness and sheen of the washbasins as they are used over time can be a daunting task. The prolonged usage of washbasins can lead to the build-up of stains, marks, etc., which degrades the startling appearance of the space and accessories. Not just this, but it also compromises the health and hygiene of the people using the wash basin. Considering the importance of sanitation, Hindware introduces a range of Easy-Clean over-the-counter washbasins. These are self-cleaning wash basins that are built using smart technology. Their elegant designs, which are balanced with minimalist styles, can be a true addition to your hand-washing space, reflecting grandeur.

What exactly do we mean by easy clean washbasins?

By Easy-Clean washbasins, we refer to the integration of breakthrough technology that contributes to maintaining a hygienic hand washing experience. These wash basins self-clean through a flushing motion post-each wash. Their auto-clean function encourages a high level of space hygiene, whether inside a bathroom or dining room.   This means you can stay free from the hassles of cleaning the washbasins every time you use them. In other words, this helps to save time and effort while bringing elegance and panache to a contemporary bath space. With effortless cleaning and convenience to use, these basins are the best choice for people who equally pay attention to the design as well as to the maintenance requirements. Likewise, they can be the right option for commercial settings where frequent cleaning of bathroom fittings is a must to ensure hygiene and safety.

Salient features of easy clean washbasins

Offering exemplary designs and unparalleled quality, the Italian collection of Hindware’s  Easy-Clean over-the-counter wash basins are characterized by the following advantages:
  • Showcases modern designs
  • Ensures complete hygiene and cleanliness
  • Features pop-up waste coupling
  • Self-clean flow detector function
  • Comes with a post-cleanse flush
Moreover, these washbasins are stylish and unique in terms of design as well as the latest technology for effortless cleaning. In particular, for homeowners that are hygiene-conscious, choosing the Easy- Clean over-the-counter category is the perfect choice for them. Therefore, you can introduce a smart bathroom segment that is focused on performance-led solutions with these easy-to-clean washbasins. They will not only enable a hygienic hand-washing platform but also preserve the long-lasting shine and dazzling appearance of wash basins. Rest assured that you will experience a luxurious feeling every time you use it.


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