Hues Colored Faucets | Rose Gold, Gold & Chrome Black

22nd December 2022
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Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or are looking for ways to amp up your bathroom decor, choosing the right faucets to complement the interior can make a big difference. Faucets can truly transform the aesthetics of your bath space. To give your bathroom a premium feel, our Hindware experts have designed the Hues Coloured Italian Faucet collection. This vibrant and stylish range of faucets has edgy designs and a durable finish that is perfect to blend with the interiors of modern bath spaces. Undoubtedly, faucets are the functional elements of the bathroom, but they are also decorative accessory that uplifts the look of your comfort station. Keeping this in mind, our exquisite faucet collection strikes a balance between sophisticated and modern-looking decor solutions. These are a great choice for homeowners to reflect their taste and leave a long-lasting impression on their guests.

What makes hues-colored faucets different from others?

The Italian collection of taps is the epitome of quality and elegance. It entails dazzling colour options that allow the users to experience the ultimate feeling of living a quality life. Not only do they have an enticing visual appeal, but they are also easy to use and install. Here are the available colour tones that are ready to add a touch of glamour to your bath space:
  • Rose gold
Rose-gold Colour Me Gorgeous faucets present a flawless texture, perfect for adding a style quotient to any bath space.
  • Gold
Gold Colour Me Fabulous faucets are a choice of homeowners that emphasise the grandeur of bathroom interiors and want to spell class.
  • Chrome black
Chrome-black Colour Me Marvellous faucets are inspired by the magnificent and bold characteristics of black colour.

Faucets with unmatched Durability

With Hindware, you do not have to worry about the long-lasting finish and standard quality. The hues-faucets are crafted by using the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) process. The process is adopted to ensure a perfect finish that makes our faucets amazingly durable. Precisely, PVD is a method that involves vaporising a substance and then gently depositing it (through a vacuum or plasma environment) onto another material. An extra layer will be produced by the vapour’s steady and uniform deposition. Not just this, but Hindware takes care of the quality and efficiency of its products through rigorous testing procedures. Likewise, stringent quality checks are performed to ensure an unmatched experience for its customers. These tests include:
  • Salt spray test– to prevent corrosion and adverse effects of rusting
  • Flow rate test– to ensure durability irrespective of water pressure
  • Leakage test– to ensure faucets do not leak even after the usage for a long period
  • Endurance test– to test the strength of a strong faucet
  • Adhesion test– to ensure effective PVD coating for enduring sheen
  • Porosity test– to make certain PVD coating is done perfectly
Our faucets will make a decorative statement in your bathroom by giving it a luxurious appeal. Thus, if you are looking for something that is affluent yet functional, hues-coloured faucets are guaranteed to suit your style and meet quality expectations.


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