Training of Directors

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In accordance with the provisions of Regulation 25(7) of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015, the Company shall familiarise the Independent Directors through various programmes about the Company, including nature of the Industry in which the Company operates, Business model of the Company, their roles, rights and responsibilities and other relevant information.

Overview of the Familiarisation Programme

The familiarisation programme for the Independent Directors of the Company is designed to help them to gain a deep understanding of the Company, its stakeholders, senior management, operations, policies, industry perspective and issues.

The Board including all Independent Directors are provided with relevant documents, reports and internal policies to enable them to familiarize with the Company’s procedures and practices from time to time.

The Company also provides an opportunity to the Independent Directors to interact with the senior leadership team of the Company and periodic presentations are made at the Board and its Committee Meetings to help Independent Directors understand the Company’s strategy, business model, operations, service and product offerings, markets, organisation structure, facilities and risk management and such other areas.

Independent Directors are promptly apprised on relevant amendments/changes in the applicable statutes to enable them to ensure compliances thereof.

The Company organised visits to the plants for the Directors to facilitate them to understand the operations of the Company in detail.

Each Director of the Company has complete access to any information relating to the Company. They are given all the documents sought by them for enabling a good understanding of the Company, its various operations and the industry segments of which it is a part.

In accordance with Regulation 46(2)(i) of the Listing Regulations, following are the details of the Familiarization programmes conducted for the Independent Directors: